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Canadian Microchipping Companies


Most adopted pets, especially ones adopted from provincial shelters, are being microchipped. It not only helps identify pets, it helps locate the owners should the pet become lost or separated from them. Below is a list of Canadian Microchipping and registry companies.

Petidco - formerly Avid
EIDAP Animal Registry 1-888-346-8899
International Pet Registry
1-844-477-7387 Ext 700
Petlynx 1-866-738-5969
Canada Chip 1-800-396-1896
M4S 1-877-738-4384
24PetWatch 1-866-597-2424

For those that had used PetNet microchips or had their pet registered with PetNet, your pet's information is now registered with either Petidco or M4S. Please contact them should you have questions about your pets microchip or registry information.


www.getmehome.ca                       1-866-637-4250 GetmeHOME is a no charge service that is provided to you when your pet is vaccinated against the deadly rabies disease with Merial's leading rabies vaccines (Imrab/Purevax). When a lost pet is found, the information featured on the rabies tag will direct the finder to the getmeHOME.ca website or 1-866-637-4250 where owner contact information can be obtained. The pet owner can then be contacted directly by the pet finder and reunited with his lost pet!
Registration is simple and convenient!

S.O.S Lost Pets tags offer a complete protection for your pet. Your runaway pet will always be found by someone, sooner or later. The text on the back of the each tag, invites the finder to scan the tag or/and call our toll free number, depending on the tag you are using. For more information, check out our website!


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