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Loving family cat MISSING at Markham and Steeles

Date Lost: 2018-07-14
Area: Markham Rd and Steeles in Markham
Pet's Name: Survivor

Survivor is a fixed male cat, appox 10 years old. He is all grey with white on his neck, paws and nose. We just moved to the area and somehow he managed to escape. Our intersection is Eastvale and Elson. If you see him, shake a bag of something.....he comes to the sound of the treat bag being shaken. He belonged to my Mom who just passed away, so hes grieving her loss and the stress of a move has been too much for him. Please help me find him. His brother misses him too.

Please contact us 6475615350 tlane77@live.ca



Lost Cat in Newmarket

Date Lost: 2018-07-10
Area: Bistol Rd & Billings Cre
Pet's Name: Mysto

Lost Black & White (Tuxedo) Cat Male Last Seen Tuesday morning. 2 years old. Very Friendly Family Missing him very much

Please contact us 905-967-0177 maltadian@rogers.com



Lost Cat in Schomberg

Date Lost: 2018-07-09
Area: 18th Side Road
Pet's Name: Bobby

Our beautiful cat Bobby did not return home on Monday, 9th July 2018 which is unusual behaviour. He is a brown/grey tabby with a white chest, mittens, and a short tail (bobtail). He has big brown eyes - one of which has some damage most likely from an injury or illness when he was a kitten (rescue cat). Bobby is well training and responds to his name, as well as 'treat time'. Lives indoors/outdoors and gets along with most cats and even some dogs and horses as he lives on a horse farm. Please contact with any info.

Please contact us 416 999 3326 cheslockjennifer@gmail.com



Lost Cat in Richmond Hill

Date Lost: 2018-07-08
Area: Near Lund & Kersey in Richmond Hill
Pet's Name: Zach

Our black tabby, Zach escaped from our backyard on Gray Crescent, the evening of July 8th around 8:30 p.m. He is friendly and will likely answer to his name being called. If you see him, please let us know.

Please contact us 4164024045 Cecilia.mckibbon@gmail.com



Brown tabby list Richmond hill

Date Lost: 2018-06-30
Area: Taylor mills & Crosby, Richmond Hill
Pet's Name: Scamp

Brown tabby with white stomachs and white paws paws Male 9 months

Please contact us 6473329727 Jmills73@hotmail.ca



Lost cat

Date Lost: 2018-06-26
Area: Terryfox and Cinemark in Markham
Pet's Name: Zoey

Zoey is an indoor cat who ran out of our house one week after we moved to Markham. She is black,female, and small.

Please contact us 647-763-2262 gaudreau.emily@gmail.com



Please bring Katan home

Date Lost: 2018-06-21
Area: Maple/Vaughan Melville and Cranston Park
Pet's Name: Katan

Katan is an outdoor cat who got out of his home. He is a tabby long hair mix..grey and black. He is very sweet but will most likely be scared. We just want to make sure he is ok! Please call any time of day or night..647-921-3283 or 705-623-5362.

Please contact us 7056235362 EERTEKI@HOTMAIL.COM



Lost Cat in Richmond Hill

Date Lost: 2018-07-23
Area: Princeton and Manor heights near Leslie between major Mack and elgin Mills
Pet's Name: Gidget

Gidget is a black and orange tortoiseshell cat with short hair. She is wearing a pink collar and is microchipped. If you see her please call 905-780-0379 or 647-323-2992

Please contact us 6473232992 rachel.gonsalves@gmail.com



Lost Dog in Richmond Hill (High Tech Rd Area)

Date Lost: 2018-06-21
Area: High Tech Road Area - Richmond Hill
Pet's Name: Jamon

Wheaton Terrier mix. Last seen at 7:30pm on June 21.

Please contact us 4168853182 jazzyb_26@hotmail.com



Lost Dog in Richmond Hill

Date Lost: 2016-06-21
Area: Richmond Hill Ontario - Red Maple/
Pet's Name: Jamon

Left outside by accident - let out the door. Last seen around 7:30pm White/Beige Wheaton Terrier mix with black tipped ears.

Please contact us 416-302-7374 terminator69@hotmail.com



Lost Cat in Queensville

Date Lost: 2018-06-18
Area: Queensville Sdrd and Leslie St
Pet's Name: Trilby

Trilby is a Dilute Tortoiseshell Long hair Cat ( grey and Orange tones)

Please contact us 416-220-5435 marg20619@gmail.com



Lost persian in Aurora

Date Lost: 2018-06-15
Area: Hillside-Hilldale
Pet's Name: Mr Misfit

Adult persian - grey-white with long hair. indoor cat not familiar with area and leary of strangers.

Please contact us 9057279791 j.m.c.arcand@gmail.com



Lost Cat in Stouffville

Date Lost: 2018-06-09
Area: Main Street and O'Brien Ave
Pet's Name: Marble

Male Tabby with marble coat on back and cheeta belly. Very Friendly.

Please contact us 9056406236 kristabphoto@gmail.com



Lost Cat in Aurora

Date Lost: 2018-06-08
Area: Near yonge and wellington
Pet's Name: Terry

Long haired grey and white cat. Got off of leash at 61 Centre Street and ran east on Centre Street. Please help us find her. We miss her dearly.

Please contact us 416-526-0104 mare.wauchop@mail.utoronto.ca



Lost Cockatiel in Woodbridge, Ontario

Date Lost: 2018-06-03
Area: Rutherford Rd and Weston Rd
Pet's Name: Ricky

Yellow cockatiel with orange cheeks. Very friendly. 6 years old. Please call if you find him. We really miss him.

Please contact us 14162751537 amenta@rogers.com



Lost rescue cat in Barrie

Date Lost: 2018-05-16
Area: Bayview/Little in Barrie
Pet's Name: Beggins

Got out of the house. Friendly and young. Fixed and microchipped. Grey and White medium hair.

Please contact us 4165756937 info@teamcatrescue.ca



Lost Cat in Vaughan/Kleinburg

Date Lost: 2018-06-03
Area: Highway 27 & Nashville Rd.
Pet's Name: Fluffy

He is a persian cat, he was recently shaved. He is white and brown. His eyes are dirty brown in the corner (his eyes leak brown) He is micro-chipped, so please take him to the vet if found.

Please contact us 6472944512 Breaktimevending@hotmail.com



Shiba lost in Richmondhill

Date Lost: 2018-06-02
Area: Yonge and Jefferson Side road, Richmondhill
Pet's Name: Miso

White shiba inu with light brown markings, black nose and eyes. Lost around 5pm on June 5th 2018 at Jefferson sideroad and Teetzel Gate. She is friendly however can run very fast if feeling threatened or thinking its a game.

Please contact us 6474606001 schun2428@gmail.com



Lost dog in King City Happy Valley area

Date Lost: 2018-06-01
Area: King City, Happy Valley area
Pet's Name: Marchesa

Lost at 6:50pm June 1 near 17th sideline and Weston Road. Last spotted at 5:30am just North of 17th sideline. Description is an 8-pound coton dog with long silky white fur and delicate features. Please call or text Mike if you think you see her anywhere.

Please contact us 416-518-0992 melanielynnbennett@hotmail.com




Date Lost: 2018-05-26
Area: islington and rutherford, Sonoma
Pet's Name: Dexter

He is a small grey and white cat with a little bit of brown. He wears a red collar and is very timid. He ran out the door at night and hasn't been back since. He's not primarily an outdoor cat but he does go out sometimes. He hasn't come back for food or water.

Please contact us 6479660094 davide.98@hotmail.com



Missing Cat in Oak Ridges

Date Lost: 2018-05-24
Area: Bathurst & King, Oak Ridges
Pet's Name: Boots

Missing Cat since May 24, 2018. Missing In the Kingshill area. Major intersection. Bathurst and King Town: Oak Ridges, Ontario Black with white paws and belly. Has on collar with bell attached to it. If found please contact Olivia at 647-637-1328

Please contact us 647-637-1328 olivia.facoetti@gmail.com



Lost teacup Yorkie in Aurora

Date Lost: 2018-05-24
Area: Bayview and Wellington
Pet's Name: Lola

Lost teacup Yorkie named Lola. She got out of the yard and is tiny. She weighs about 4 lbs and has longer hair. She can be yappy.

Please contact us 647-628-5076 isabelylee@me.com



Lost Cat in Aurora

Date Lost: 2018-05-16
Area: Henderson and Yonge Street Aurora
Pet's Name: Max

Male indoor cat neutered medium hair length black and brown tiger stripes with white on his face and neck and a big fluffy tail. He is micro chipped but does not wear a collar. He can be skittish and may not go to people. If you see him please call or text

Please contact us 647-222-4229 vicchris12@yahoo.ca



Lost White/Black Dog

Date Lost: 2018-05-15
Area: Holland Landing Yonge & Queensville Sdrd
Pet's Name: Talia

Please help. This dog just arrived from Greece but understands English commands. Is very timid but friendly however. Was wearing a blue collar with her name tag. She may run if you go after her. Please call Anastasia at 416-347-0009 immediately! Please!

Please contact us 416-347-0009 Rspadamickey@hotmail.com



Lost Cat in Newmarket - FOUND!

Date Lost: 2018-05-09
Area: Pritchard Place, Newmarket
Pet's Name: Not given

Our orange and white male cat has been missing since Wednesday May 9th from our yard on Pritchard Place, Newmarket. Leslie and Gorham area. We miss him very much, please help us to help us find him! My phone is (647) xxx-xxxx

Please contact us 647-xxx-xxxx



Lost Cat in Aurora

Date Lost: 2018-05-07
Area: Henderson and McClellan
Pet's Name: Zeus

He is a white and get cat with a black dot on his nose. The pattern on his face almost looks like he's wearing a batman mask. My roommates and i got him our first year at university. I brought him home to my parents house for the summer, and he managed to get out and wander a bit too far. please help us find him.

Please contact us 289-879-0197 nicole66hicks@gmail.com



Lost cat in Stouffville

Date Lost: 2018-05-04
Area: 9th Line and Millard (14 Linden Lane)
Pet's Name: Friday

Lost indoor male cat yesterday, May 4th. Missing from 14 Linden Lane, Stouffville. Very friendly neutered male. Black with white spot on chest. Long tail. Named Friday. May have gone into hiding due to last night's storm. Call Dave @ 647 876 2212. Thank you.

Please contact us 647 876 2212 pattidave.muir@sympatico.ca




Date Lost: 2018-04-09
Area: Woodspring & Bathurst
Pet's Name: Finnigan

Terrier 35 LB Carmel Color Bolted into forest

Please contact us 4164367351 susanjaneabela@gmail.com



Lost Cat in Newmarket

Date Lost: 2018-03-24
Area: Greig Circle, Newmarket
Pet's Name: Dash

College Manor is missing one its finest members😭😭 DASH IS MISSING from 497 Greig Circle. Please Please check your bushes, under your decks, garage, sheds. He is an indoor cat who got too adventurous! He'll be cold, frightened not to mention hungry now. He is very friendly and his family is heartbroken he is missing. PLEASE HELP US FIND HIM. 416-806-9068 Neutered make 1 1/2 yrs old microchipped no collar.

Please contact us 416-806-9068 elfree113@gmail.com



lost in richmond hill

Date Lost: 2018-03-22
Area: major mack and bayview
Pet's Name: tya

lost dog in richmond hill near major Mackenzie and bayview. Her name is Tya. If anyone sees her, please contact (647) 205-7168 asap.

Please contact us 6472057168 simonchen007@hotmail.com



Lost Cat in Markham

Date Lost: 2018-03-11
Area: Markham Rd/ 16th Ave, Markham
Pet's Name: MiuMiu

Neuter boy Black & Brown, white belly fur Short hair 2 white spots on eyebrow Stripes but not clearly 1 yr old, 10 lbs ran out from home on Mar11, in the evening.

Please contact us 647-989-5235 april5235@hotmail.com



Cat lost in thornhill

Date Lost: 2018-03-10
Area: conley and steeles
Pet's Name: George

Balinese chocolate point

Please contact us 4164144854 dmitri@huskyair.com



lost dog in markham

Date Lost: 2018-03-07
Area: 14 Avenue & Kennedy
Pet's Name: Tiger

hello my dog has missing at 2018/3/07. from 14th ave/kennedy. it's yellow shi ba inu. i have $1000 dollors reward for his safe return. my phone number is 4168716919.

Please contact us 4168716919 tckikoz31@gmail.com



lost cat in newmarket

Date Lost: 2018-03-03
Area: eagle and davis
Pet's Name: zsa zsa

indoor cat almost 2 very skittish got out on glenway circle and got spooked and bolted across the road towards crosslands. She is mainly grey with white under her chin and a tan strip down her back. She is very very soft but good luck catching her. she is only 7lbs.

Please contact us 9058538885 jackandchristine2001@gmail.com



Lost Cat in Aurora

Date Lost: 2018-02-26
Area: Payne Cres & Thomas Phillip Dr, Aurora
Pet's Name: Simon

Hey All, this morning front door opened by accident and our indoor siamese cat Simon went outside. We live in Aurora, Ontario. Please, help us to find him, still cold outside and any minute matters. My phone in 416-473-4019 Anna

Please contact us 416-473-4019 aalieva66@yahoo.ca



Lost cat in Richmond Hill

Date Lost: 2018-02-12
Area: North west of Bayview and Major Mackenzie
Pet's Name: Catalie Portman

4-year-old female spayed Solid white belly and chested torbi. Last seen wearing a thin pink leather collar with silver tipped spikes all around the collar.

Please contact us 4165782434 olmeca@torontomail.com



Lost Cat in Keswick

Date Lost: 2016-01-27
Area: close to fairwood drive
Pet's Name: Freddy

freddy went missing, he presumable wandered too far and never made it back, he is my grammas cat and she would do anything to get him back. He is a siamese ragdoll.

Please contact us 9057151853 masonyoung017@outlook.com



Lost Cat in Holland Landing

Date Lost: 2015-09-01
Area: around grist mill plaza
Pet's Name: Misty

she is a senior tabby declawed in her front paws, she is getting old and i would like for her to be returned home. we were moving at the time and were unable to search for her.

Please contact us 9057151853 masonyoung017@outlook.com



Lost dog Newmarket

Date Lost: 2018-01-06
Area: Davis Dr and Bathurst
Pet's Name: Unknown

Dog running after owners in a car accident. Not our dog but we tried catching it. Small to medium white and brown dog, maybe a corgi. Wearing a collar. Last seen running into woods behind a large yellow building at southwest corner of Davis and Bathurst at about 11:30 am Jan 6. Please share and I hope some people can search. We don't live here but were just driving through

Please contact us kathm1@rogers.com



Lost Ragdoll Cat in Markham

Date Lost: 2017-12-25
Area: Highway 7 and Robinson, Markham
Pet's Name: Mac

Mac is an indoor cat that escaped our home in Christmas day. He is likely scared and will not approach. If you see him please contact me immediately!!! Thank you

Please contact us 6478888429 melbible@gmail.com



Lost Cat Maple/Vaughan

Date Lost: 2017-09-30
Area: Dufferin/Teston
Pet's Name: KOOPER

Our family has been looking for our lost cat Kooper. He was last seen Sept 30th in Vaughan/Maple off Dufferin between Teston and Kirby. He is a 4 year old indoor only cat. Kooper is a domestic long hair tabby/maine coon features with Brown/Grey/Tan fur with black markings, green eyes, long whiskers, neutered and microchipped. We have been searching for him for months. We have put up flyers in our area, gone door to door, posted all over FB (thank you to everyone who have shared, reached out and gave suggestions). We truly hope someone has seen and/or taken him in thinking he is a stray. If you see/find Kooper please contact us or take him to your local shelter or vet so they can contact us. We miss our sweet boy very very much especially his furry brothers!! xoxo 647-887-5855

Please contact us 6478875855 sharilevin@yahoo.com



Lost Cockapoo Dog in Aurora

Date Lost: 2017-12-15
Area: Stoddart Drive & Fairway Drive, Aurora
Pet's Name: Spencer

13-year old male neutered blond cockapoo, about 40 lbs with cataracts (blind)

Please contact us 416-575-2020 weston.jill@gmail.com



Lost salt and pepper mini Schauzer

Date Lost: 2017-12-08
Area: Markham Boxgrove
Pet's Name: Abby

Short hair, long legs, Grey / salt and pepper. She ran away this evening in the Boxgrove neighborhood.

Please contact us 416-525-2989 Christinehytsui@gmail.com



Lost Cat in Maple/Vaughan

Date Lost: 2017-11-27
Area: Fairmont/Gladstone Ave, Maple
Pet's Name: Ro

Our sweet cat went missing on Monday, Nov 27th around 4pm. He was last seen on Fairmont Ave/Gladstone Ave in Maple. He has medium length hair, black/brown tiger stripes and a big fluffy tail! He is micro-chipped but was not wearing a collar. He's super friendly and might be in your shed or garage or back yard hiding! His best friend Maddie (sister cat) is crying at the door constantly... We miss him very much and would be forever grateful if someone turned him in. If you've seen him, please call or text me ANYTIME at 647-886-7222

Please contact us 647-886-7222 talovic@rogers.com



Lost while cat in thornhill

Date Lost: 2017-12-02
Area: Yonge and Elgin
Pet's Name: Sasha

Male persian cat, 10 years old, long hair, white colour, neutered, most likely jumped out of the 2nd floor balcony at 180 Dudley Ave. Cat is shy and most likely ran towards cover. We have been searching for 2 days in the adjacent area.

Please contact us 416-873-0101 mr_es@msn.com



Lost Black Cat in Newmarket - FOUND

Date Lost: 2017-12-03
Area: College Manor - Mulock
Pet's Name: Felix

Lost Cat, named Felix. Black fur with white dot on his neck, blue collar with green bell. He is neutered. Update - 12/4/17 Our cat has been found!

Please contact us 647-xxx-xxxx



Lost White dog in Richmond Hill

Date Lost: 2017-12-03
Area: Young st and 16th Ave. Richmond Hill
Pet's Name: Molly

Molly escaped from Yonge and 16th area this morning, she was last seen on Marshall Street off Yonge street and Observatory lane. She is small and white, big ears that stick up and she's very shy.

Please contact us 6476795462 daniellevinsley@gmail.com



Lost cat in Richmond Hill, medically urgent - FOUND

Date Lost: 2017-11-28
Area: Brackenwood Ave and Alamo Heights Dr, Richmond Hill
Pet's Name: Max

Max is an adult, medium-sized, brown tabby. He is neutered and microchipped. Max needs anti-seizure medications several times a day so it is urgent that he be found ASAP please. His hind quarters are a bit underdeveloped so he does not run, jump or climb very well so he is likely not hiding high up. He is not at all vocal. He is indifferent to people and will probably neither run to or from people. UPDATE: FOUND December 14th, 2017

Please contact us 905-XXX-XXXX




Date Lost: 2017-11-23
Pet's Name: HUNTER


Please contact us 647-227-9627 ELISA@BORGFENCE.CA



lost cat in newmarket

Date Lost: 2017-11-14
Area: Eagle St. and Stanford Ave, Newmarket
Pet's Name: cali


Please contact us 905 953 0138 kjohns@sympatico.ca



Lost Miniature Schnauzer in Unionville/Markham

Date Lost: 2017-11-11
Area: Unionville (Highway 7 and Village Parkway)
Pet's Name: July

Female, Miniature Schnauzer Not wearing a collar Small grey scar on nose, birthmarks on belly, small bump on right ear

Please contact us 2267913486 kimkawon.stu@hotmail.com



Lost Dog in Thornhill

Date Lost: 2017-11-07
Area: Bathurst and Clark
Pet's Name: Cairo

- Pomeranian puppy goes by the name Cairo. - Approximately 2-4 pounds, black hair through most of his body. - Orange/yellow hair on all leg, with patches of black on the rear of all his legs. - Last seen 2:30 pm in the backyard of 7 Brickstone Circle.

Please contact us 4168166086 davcheung@gmail.com



Lost cat in Newmarket

Date Lost: 2017-10-31
Area: Flagstone way, Newmarket
Pet's Name: Kazzy

Please if anyone has seen my cat let me know I haven't been able to sleep since he's been gone and miss him so much.

Please contact us 2267923280 Kittycattori@yahoo.ca



Lost White Cat in Markham

Date Lost: 2017-10-29
Area: Kennedy and Steeles, Markham
Pet's Name: Kitty

She was lost on Sunday night, the 29th of October. She is all white, declawed, neutered, and has short hair. She was lost in the Kennedy and Steeles area of Markham. $200 REWARD for her SAFE return.

Please contact us 416-219-7194 laurievision@live.fr



Lost Grey Cat in Richmond Hill

Date Lost: 2017-10-27
Area: Bathurst and Elgin Mills (Hiram Road)
Pet's Name: Little

Our cat is completely grey with a tinny bit of white on his chest. He was lost since Friday around 7 pm in the area between Hiram, Whalen Court and Topham Crescent. We love him very much, please help return him home. Thank You!

Please contact us 416-997-1779 cornell_evans@outlook.com



Lost Cat in Oak Ridges

Date Lost: 2017-10-19
Area: Humberlands (Bathurst & Bloomington)
Pet's Name: Charlotte

Small diluted calico went missing about 9 pm on Oct 19. Cat has a friendly nature but has never been outside before. About 8 years old.

Please contact us 905 773 4169 karlotim0@gmail.com



Lost Cat in Newmarket

Date Lost: 2017-10-10
Area: Bayview & Brooker Ridge
Pet's Name: Eddie

Eddie is a young active brown tabby cat. 15 months old. He is neutered and tagged with the Town of Newmarket. He was wearing a plaid collar. He has white socks and a birth mark on his lower lip.

Please contact us 4162723185 kwasley@rogers.com



Lost Cat in Newmarket. Reward Given.

Date Lost: 2017-10-12
Area: Kirby Crescent and Alex Doner, Newmarket
Pet's Name: Chewy

A chubby white-and-tabby patterned cat. Got outside at 8PM and has not returned since. Possibly injured. Greatly missed by his family. Nervous around others but may respond to his name. Is microchipped. Reward given for his safe return.

Please contact us 289-339-3120 shar.crooks@gmail.com



Lost dilute calico in Newmarket - FOUND!!!

Date Lost: 2017-10-06
Area: Kirby crescent and Alex Donor
Pet's Name: Janie

Janie snuck out Friday, October the 6th and is desperately missed. She is light grey, peach and white, is 8 lbs. and was wearing aa collar with a green tag. She is also microchipped. FOUND! Janie was found on October 20th, 2017!

Please contact us 416 xxx xxxx



Lost cat

Date Lost: 2017-10-04
Area: Schomberg
Pet's Name: Smudge

Lost great and white cat. Very long and tall.

Please contact us 16474637727 athena.flak@gmail.com



Lost cat

Date Lost: 2017-09-27
Area: Bayview & 16th Ave, Richmond Hil
Pet's Name: Oreo

Lost cat, I believe the last time I saw her was Wednesday (Sept 27th) night. Her name is Oreo, she was feral and I rescued her. She is approximately 3 years old but small. She is spayed and microchipped. I live in Richmond Hill at Bayview & 16th Ave. She does not like to be touched and is very timid.

Please contact us 416-992-0804 jenjamv@gmail.com



Lost Parakeet (Quaker) Bird!!

Date Lost: 2017-09-26
Area: John and Henderson, Thornhill
Pet's Name: Quaker

Our new Quaker/Parakeet has escaped from her cage. She has been hand fed and may come to a person. She was lost at about 7:00 pm on Sept. 26th. Please call us if she comes to you, or you see her. She is bright green and quite friendly. Thank you

Please contact us 416-450-3511 dawndecunha@rogers.com




Date Lost: 2017-09-19
Pet's Name: TUPS

Large male tabby, ringed tail, green eyes, has a tattoo inside ear

Please contact us 6475495180 vbburton@seroyal.com



Lost Cat in Newmarket

Date Lost: 2017-09-23
Area: Yonge/Davis Newmarket
Pet's Name: Pumpkin

Orange cat, Pumpkin has not returned home for 2 nights now. Hes about 15lb, 2 years old. IF found you can carry him easily he never ever bites or scratches. I live right beside upper canada mall (Matthew Boyd Cres).

Please contact us 647-870-9218 Nikki7xoxo@gmail.com



Lost Schnauzer in Stouffville

Date Lost: 2017-09-21
Area: 10th Line and Hemlock in Stouffville
Pet's Name: Charlie

Wearing a blue collar with tags. Has been microchipped. Got out of the backyard and has never left the property on his own.

Please contact us 6474644549 dragonboater17@gmail.com



Lost Cat Scarborough

Date Lost: 2017-09-16
Area: Birchmount/Sheppard
Pet's Name: Lenny

Grey Tabby Male 3yrs old He's looks younger - he's a mini cat He could be injured - he fell off our balcony

Please contact us 647-607-8401 harlow.monroe11@gmail.com



Lost Siamese in Nobleton

Date Lost: 2017-09-11
Area: King Road and Highway 27, Nobleton
Pet's Name: Leland

Leland is lost, have you seen him? Blue eyes, purple collar, declawed. Very social and loves looking for fellow feline friends. Also loves to explore, he could have found his way into your house, shed or garage. Please help find him, there is a reward

Please contact us 416-738-8122 ebeyershawn@gmail.com



Lost cat! Reward Offered!

Date Lost: 2017-09-11
Area: Markham Ninth Line and 407
Pet's Name: Zizu

White cat with black spots and green eyes. Very friendly lost close to rizal avenue. Please contact if you find him!

Please contact us 4164095019 abdul.razzaq@hotmail.ca



Lost Cat in Aurora (american short hair)

Date Lost: 2017-09-01
Area: Yonge and Wellington
Pet's Name: Cloud

Missing since September 1,2017, Yonge and Wellington (Kennedy Str. west) Friendly indoor cat 0 visits

Please contact us 9058415051 wang_adam2000@hotmail.com



Missing cat Holland Landing

Date Lost: 2017-08-03
Area: Holland Landing East Gwillumbury
Pet's Name: Molly

Molly is a medium hair brown and orange tabby. Was out during storm and hasn't been seen since. She usually stays within 400 meters of our home. Please help us bring our baby home. :(

Please contact us 905-717-5595 girltyler@hotmail.com



Missing cat

Date Lost: 2017-08-29
Area: Bay view and Elgin Mills Richmond Hill
Pet's Name: Smokey

Grey with beige markings

Please contact us 289-7163472 mandythompson1989@yahoo.com



Lost Cat in Jacksons Point

Date Lost: 2017-08-15
Area: Metro road and Kelenna Drive Jacksons Point
Pet's Name: Stutts

Black and white spayed female cat Yellowish eyes. She is about 5 years old She's a very patient cat all shots up to date She has a white patch in the middle of her back Missing since Aug 15 2017. Missing from Metro road and Kelenna Drive Jacksons Point

Please contact us ShannonRichards@mail.com



Lost cat around in Thornhill - FOUND!

Date Lost: 2017-08-31
Area: Bathurst & Atkinson, Thornhill
Pet's Name: Patsy

Patsy is a 5 year old cat with brown tabby spots on her head back and tail. She went missing Aug 31 (time unknown) and is shy so she is likely hiding under a bush or deck. If you spot her anywhere, please contact. FOUND September 5th, 2017

Please contact us 647-xxx-xxxx



Parrot in Aurora

Date Lost: 2017-08-30
Area: Aurora
Pet's Name: Ruby

African Grey Timneh - grey parrot with maroon coloured tail flew away since she was scared and the patio door was open. She has a ring around her right foot.

Please contact us 6475029341 Tina.motavalli@yahoo.com




Date Lost: 2017-08-24
Area: 7th Concession, King TWP
Pet's Name: MIA

Young cat, medium - long haired tabby, small and very friendly. She has never left our home before so her absence is acutely felt. Mia is much loved and we pray she is safe and that some kind person will return her.

Please contact us 905 859 3818 vsaunders@sympatico.ca



Lost Cat in Thornhill

Date Lost: 2017-08-22
Area: Yonge & Kirk Drive (S of Yonge & Hwy 407)
Pet's Name: Chaplin

Chaplin is a male, 10 yr old cat who disappeared from his home on Kirk drive in Thornhill, over the night to August 22nd. He is black and white, wearing a red collar with his name tag and our phone number on it. He is an indoor/outdoor cat and never wonders far from his home.

Please contact us 416-602-5023 hamham@bellnet.ca



Lost Cat in Newmarket

Date Lost: 2017-08-14
Area: Queen Street and Parkview Crescent, Newmarket
Pet's Name: Meech

Domestic long hair male, orange/white/tan adult around 10lbs neutered and chipped Haskett Park area Newmarket. Meech has lost some hair on his rear left inner leg.

Please contact us 9058982428 bridget2428@outlook.com



Lost Cat in Oak Ridges

Date Lost: 2017-08-17
Area: Lakelands and North Lake Rd.
Pet's Name: Teddy

Teddy is a nuetered male... all black with a few white hairs on his chest. He's really friendly... about a medium size. I really miss him - it's not like him to be gone this long. This is my 2nd cat missing in this area in less than 2 months... I've had these cats (and 2 more) many years! Hope there isn't something/someone in the neighbourhood doing something to cats!

Please contact us 647-888-5811 diane0000@hotmail.com



Lost Cat in Oak Ridges

Date Lost: 2017-07-03
Area: Oak Ridges - Lakelands and North Lake Rd area
Pet's Name: Tiger

Tiger is a nuetered orange male tabby... pretty big. He's really skittish so I can't see him finding a new home... I'm really worried about him - please contact me if you've seen him.

Please contact us 647-888-5811 diane0000@hotmail.com




Date Lost: 2017-08-15
Area: Newmarket (Davis and Bathurst)
Pet's Name: Ginger

Orange fluffy cat. Does not wear a collar. Is an outdoor cat and likes to hide in gardens and longer grass.

Please contact us 9053926853 Phil.parrott93@gmail.com



Lost Cat in Newmarket/Aurora

Date Lost: 2017-08-12
Area: St. John's and Bayview
Pet's Name: Cassie

Female, black and white, 16 years old. Neutered and declawed.

Please contact us 416-802-9439 Raslangford@gmail.com



FOUND an Amazon Parrot, Newmarket

Date Lost: 2017-08-06
Area: Davis Dr, east of 404, Newmarket
Pet's Name: UNKOWN

We found an Amazon parrot. Green with yellow on head, blue around eyes. Talks. Pls contact 705-345-5690 for more info

Please contact us 705-345-5690 Springagain38@hotmail.com



Lost Cat in Richmond Hill - FOUND!

Date Lost: 2017-08-06
Area: Shirley Dr & Elgin Mills Rd E, Richmond Hill
Pet's Name: Chako

Colour Beige and white; 1 year old with medium length of hair; friendly to strangers and playful.

Please contact us



Lost cat in Richmond Hill

Date Lost: 2017-07-28
Area: Bantry Avenue, Richmond Hill
Pet's Name: Vladimir

Male adult, large, grey short-hair, green/yellow eyes. Vladimir is very friendly, neutered and has no front claws.

Please contact us 6472678703 becca.m.petersen@gmail.com



Lost Cat in Aurora

Date Lost: 2017-07-30
Area: Bathurst and Henderson, Aurora
Pet's Name: Dasha

10 year old female Calico Cat. Has green eyes and her fur is white, orange, black and grey. She is an outdoor cat and never returned back home.

Please contact us 2898940812 julia.savenok77@hotmail.com




Date Lost: 2017-07-29
Area: King Road & Dufferin Street in King City, ON
Pet's Name: Whiskey

Whiskey is a black and white (tuxedo) male cat that escaped from our home. He is an indoor cat who has been neutered and declawed. He is 13 years old and may, potentially, be deaf. He has green eyes and a pink nose. He is friendly and does not mind being picked up.

Please contact us 647-982-4415 meaghen_c@live.ca



Lost Cat in Aurora

Date Lost: 2017-07-28
Area: Bayview and St John's Sideroad
Pet's Name: Cinnamon

Domestic Shorthair, female, black tan and orange coloured. White boots on rear feet and white ring on end of tail. She is 4 years old and weighs 10 lbs. Microchipped. Last seen in owner's backyard, she got outside and onto the neighbouring fence before she could be stopped.

Please contact us 905-727-0749 lexayram1@outlook.com



Lost in King City - FOUND!

Date Lost: 2017-07-28
Area: Dearbourne Avenue east of Jane Stree
Pet's Name: Buddy

Male Orange cat with thick bushy mostly white tail with a kink at the end of the tail. He is about 10-11 lbs. Friendly and playful. He has a long orange body.

Please contact us



Lost Small Dog in Richmond Hill

Date Lost: 2017-07-22
Area: Bayview and Major Mckenzie/ Richmond hill
Pet's Name: Drizzy

Lost Dog, small Black with white goatee, very skittish. $1000.00 reward when found and returned. Please call 416-804-5984

Please contact us 416-804-5984 ybrookes@hotmail.com



Lost Cat in Goodwood

Date Lost: 2017-07-09
Area: goodwood and bloomington goodwood
Pet's Name: Zoey

Female grey and white long haired tiger tabby. eyes have a white outline to them and her muzzle is white too. she scares easily and loves to cuddle.

Please contact us 416-843-5118 lminaudo@gmail.com



Missing Cat in Richmond Hill

Date Lost: 2017-07-16
Area: Yonge and Gambel/19th Ave
Pet's Name: Mable

Male, 3 years old. Black and While. About 15 pounds. He walked away around 12am on Sunday morning from home. Last seen by a neighbor in her backyard around 5pm on Sunday. The backyard is connect to the ravine north of Gamble Rd. between Rollinghills Rd and Selwyn Rd.

Please contact us 647-5344473 xiaomianbao2003@hotmail.com



Lost Cat

Date Lost: 2017-07-15
Area: Bathurst/McClellan Aurora
Pet's Name: "J"

Large Male (neutered) brown tabby Last seen Saturday night after he was let out Usually wanders the Dawlish Ave, Sandfield, Brookeview Area of Aurora Children's pet. Very missed

Please contact us mikecmikec@gmail.com



Lost Cat - FOUND!

Date Lost: 2017-07-14
Area: Bathurst/McClellan Aurora
Pet's Name: Ben

1 year old neutered male, medium size, dilute orange tabby outdoor cat, let out on Friday afternoon and hasn't returned home wanders Dawlish Ave, Brookeview and surrounding area in Aurora

Please contact us



Lost dog

Date Lost: 2017-07-12
Area: Bayview/Elgin Newmarket
Pet's Name: Eevee

Small brown chihuhaha. White paws. Only about 5 pounds. Missing as of 7PM.

Please contact us 613-862-0990 Adamariebotha@hotmail.com



Lost cat in Newmarket

Date Lost: 2017-07-13
Area: Newmarket - Davis Dr. and Main St. NORTH
Pet's Name: Peanut

Peanut is a 1 year old fixed male cat. He is an indoor cat but got out inadvertently yesterday. He is friendly but has never been outside.

Please contact us 9058687784 rlahnakoski@hotmail.com



Lost Cat in Aurora

Date Lost: 2017-07-05
Area: Wellington & Murray/Haida
Pet's Name: S'Kitty

Outdoor cat hasn't come back. Mainly Black with white belly and white on his face. Likes to wonder in the Aurora Senior Public School field as well as the Ravine in the Charles Darrow Co-op. Also wonders in the large apartment buildings parking lot. Very loved and missed.

Please contact us 647-466-5522 clynch718@gmail.com



Lost Dog- FOUND!

Date Lost: 2017-07-10
Area: John St./Bayview Ave. , Markham
Pet's Name: Candy

- She is 5 yrs old - white/grey color - groomed short hair - Small size (6-7lbs)

Please contact us



Lost puppy in Richmondhill

Date Lost: 2017-07-09
Area: Elgins Mills E & Woodbine
Pet's Name: Ariel

Ariel is a 9 month old Jack Russel & Chihuahua. Ariel is white with brown patches on her body. She is very friendly and goes to anyone. Ariel got out through the screen door last night in the Elgins Mills and Woodbine area. She was not wearing her collar.

Please contact us 647-967-3000 markeshghi@me.com



Lost long haired black cat, Oak Ridges

Date Lost: 2017-07-03
Area: King Rd and Bathurst
Pet's Name: Maha

All black long haired female cat. Went out on long weekend Monday and didn't come back.

Please contact us 6472375005 Olga4e@yahoo.ca



Lost Maine Coon Cat (King and Bathurst)

Date Lost: 2017-07-07
Area: King and Bathurst
Pet's Name: Sally

lost cat: Male, Sally, pure Maine Coon, 13 month old, weight 14lbs. Has a chip with owner information, including the phone number. Last seen, 8pm on Monday, 3rd July. With any information please contact for a reward.

Please contact us yura_dob@hotmail.com



Lost Lab

Date Lost: 2017-07-05
Area: Franklin Trout Farm
Pet's Name: Tralee

Yellow Lab

Please contact us 905-292-9096 reikon@sympatico.ca



Black Cat Ella Lost in Richmond Hill

Date Lost: 2017-07-04
Area: 9600 Yonge St Richmond Hill Ontario Yonge & 16th
Pet's Name: Ella

Hello, Ella was last seen on July 03, 2017 in Richmond Hill, ON L4C 1V6 near Near Yonge Street, Richmond Hill, ON, Canada We live in a Condo building on the second floor, and my cat escaped off the balcony. She is only 4 - 5 months old. It is possible she fell/tried to jump down. I stepped out on my balcony for under a minute and she must have slipped out without me noticing, and I went to bed. Realized this morning. We are in Richmond Hill at Yonge & Yongehurst (close to 16th and Hillcrest mall) if anyone sees her please email alexandra.leitch@live.com, text or call 907-715-0065 or 647-808-8274. She is entirely black with just a couple white hairs on her chest Greatly appreciated. Thank you so much. Description: Black cat, a few white hairs on her chest and on groin area.

Please contact us 6478088274 sean.boyle@live.ca



Lost female bengal cat

Date Lost: 2017-06-10
Area: Arnord and Spring Gate, Thornhill
Pet's Name: Gingi

Missing female Bengal cat, since Saturday, 10 June, 2017 in Thornhill area. Answers to Gingi, spayed, wearing green collar, same color as her eyes. She is an outdoor cat, hunter, very active cat. If she kept inside, she is probably under a lot of stress. Please if you found her, give as a call, we will come to pick her up.

Please contact us 416-970-9191 ttarnovsky29@gmail.com




Date Lost: 2017-06-16
Area: John and Leslie
Pet's Name: LEO


Please contact us 647-829-9524 kimia_x0@hotmail.com



Found: Male Jack Russell Terrier in Oak Ridges on Sunset Beach Road

Date Lost: 2017-06-18
Area: Sunset Beach Road in Oak Ridges
Pet's Name: Unknown

My mom and I found a male Jack Russell Terrier wandering by itself on Sunset Beach Road. He had a collar but no dog tag. He was found at the end of the driveway of #549 Sunset Beach. We picked up the dog and knocked on #549 Sunset, and middle-aged man answered. He said it wasn't his dog but that he might know owner and took dog inside. If this might be your dog, hopefully he returned it to you.

Please contact us sandikokkinos@gmail.com



Lost Dog in Richmond Hill - FOUND!

Date Lost: 2017-06-18
Pet's Name: CHANEL


Please contact us txxxx-xxl@gmail.com



Lost Cat in Mount Albert

Date Lost: 2017-03-17
Area: Royal Oak Road
Pet's Name: Tiffy

Tiffy has been missing since March 17. We live on Royal Oak Road and it is very unusual that she hasn't come home. She is a black and grey long haired cat and is 7 years old. She only has half an ear due to surgery because of a growth. If anyone knows of her whereabouts or has seen anything of her can you please let me know? Thanks

Please contact us 289-383-6510 joyanthony1994@hotmail.com



Lost dog in Unionville Markham

Date Lost: 2017-06-14
Area: Warden and 16th Avenue, Unionville
Pet's Name: Oscar

Small male dog, around 15 pounds. Terrier mix. White with tan markings.

Please contact us 416.909.7017 rbykwan@rogers.com



Lost Cat in Aurora

Date Lost: 2017-06-11
Area: Murray and Seaton
Pet's Name: Sophie

Female Long Haired Norwegian Cat LAST SEEN: Sunday June 11th around 7pm near Murray & Seaton Aurora, ON York Region PLEASE TAKE A MOMENT TO CHECK YOUR GARAGE OR SHED ANY INFORMATION, PLEASE CALL OR TEXT LISA (416) 779.3958

Please contact us 416-779-3958 llgammage@yahoo.com



Lost Cat in Markham

Date Lost: 2017-06-10
Area: Markham Rd/16th Ave
Pet's Name: Gracie

Black cat, white paws, white neck, tuxedo.

Please contact us 4168956628 Tanyaazzopardi@gmail.com



Mini toy poodle

Date Lost: 2017-06-12
Area: Between tenth line and aurora
Pet's Name: Scruffy

Dog got out of house please call if found will respond to friendly

Please contact us 4163185010 Honk33@hotmail.ca



Lost dog in Aurora/King

Date Lost: 2017-06-10
Area: 16th Side Road between Bathurst and Dufferin
Pet's Name: Holly

Holly was running with my husband on the Oak Ridges moraine trail between Bathurst and Dufferin around 9:30pm. Close to Dufferin he encountered some other runners and she started following them, then disappeared. She is a red terrier poodle cross with course fur. She was wearing a red halter vest, but did not have her tag collar on. She is microchipped. She weighs about 18 pounds and is very friendly. Please contact me if you have seen her. Thank you so much!

Please contact us (289) 221-0259 glenys.elliott@rogers.com



Lost Dog, please help!

Date Lost: 2017-05-26
Area: Major Mackenzie & Weston Rd
Pet's Name: Gizmo

My dog went missing in York Region on Friday May 26th, 2017. I live off of Retreat near Major Mackenzie and Weston rd. My dogs name is Gizmo, and he is dark brown with white on his chest and a little white on his paw. He is a male about 3 pounds. I've searched my area and put flyers up. I have called to report him missing. On Monday I get a call that animal control had found him only to be told that a lady that had found him gave my dog to a guy with curly dark hair about to his shoulder. My dog may have been seen in the Keele and Major Mackenzie area. I have 3 children that are devastated. I need help, our family is not complete without Gizmo! My heart is broken. My number is 6478614424. Thank you

Please contact us 647-861-4424 lisaspada1234@gmail.com



Lost CAT in Holland Landing - FOUND!

Date Lost: 2017-05-30
Area: Mt Albert Rd / Colony Trail in Holland Landing
Pet's Name: Tessie

A visiting family cat, Tessie, has been missing in Holland Landing since the evening of May 30th. Tessie is a brown tabby, with an extra thumb on each front paw (polydactyl), medium build, no collar, and she is micro-chipped. Please call Sue if seen or found.

Please contact us 416-xxx-xxxx



Lost chihuahua

Date Lost: 2017-05-17
Area: Aurora , Yonge /Bloomington
Pet's Name: Minnie

Black- Tan and Brown hair small little girl Black face with tan eyebrows

Please contact us 6476317630 cmakeup@hotmail.com



Lost cat in Thornhill

Date Lost: 2017-05-12
Area: Yonge St and hwy 407 area
Pet's Name: Masya

Outdoor cat never came back home after a walk

Please contact us 6478891177 kateranik@gmail.com



Lost Cat in Markham

Date Lost: 2017-05-09
Area: 9th Line and Hwy. 7 Markham
Pet's Name: Charlie

He is a 7 year old brown and black DSH, with some tabby markings. He wasn't wearing a collar as he was an indoor cat.

Please contact us 416-754-0540 mardar16@hotmail.com




Date Lost: 0000-00-00
Pet's Name: TIANTIAN

Breed: POMERANIAN Colour: TAN Sex: MALE Please call 416-707-0118 if anyone happens to see him. Thank you very much...

Please contact us 416-707-0118 xsun168@hotmail.com



Lost Ragdoll Cat in Mount Albert - FOUND!

Date Lost: 2017-05-09
Area: King St. East/Centre Street (Mount Albert)
Pet's Name: Bambalina

She is a Ragdoll. She has blue eyes, brown face, tail and legs, but the rest of her is light cream. She has four mittens.

Please contact us



Lost cat in Richmond Hill north end

Date Lost: 2017-04-30
Area: Yonge and Townwood Drive, Richmond Hill
Pet's Name: TIGGY

Tiggy is an indoor cat, with claws Male, 9 years old People friendly and loving, never hissed or clawed - he is grey with brown stripes and white markings on paws and stomach. He has never gone missing Tiggy is on a special cat food diet, he has a urinary track medical problem Comes from a very loving home a mom, 2 kids to love him and a dog named Bella He will likely hide in shrubs or bushes He doesn't like rain or cold PLEASE CALL US AT 416-707-4868

Please contact us 4167074868 lavmk18@gmail.com



Lost cat in holland landing

Date Lost: 2017-04-22
Area: Mount Albert rd between 2.consession and Young Street
Pet's Name: LUCA

Last seen in April 22. morning she's a shorthaired black 14 years old she have a little caught on her left ear and she have a tiny White patch on her chest

Please contact us 4162205641 Peter.muller.22@gmail.com



Lost Dog in Richmond Hill

Date Lost: 2017-04-07
Area: Weldrick Rd, Richmond Hill
Pet's Name: Kacey

He is a 4 month old Malti-Shih tzu. He has a white body, but brown ears. Small and chubby. Please, if anyone has seen him let me know.

Please contact us 647-289-4693 dshiralian@hotmail.com



Lost Dog in Markham

Date Lost: 2017-04-05
Area: Bur Oak & Kennedy
Pet's Name: Ding Ding

Poodle,Light brown in color. Weigh about 12 pds. Missing since 9am on April 5th.Please help....

Please contact us 6478633136 Neo_1027@hotmail.com



Lost Cat in Oak Ridges

Date Lost: 2017-03-23
Area: Bathurst and King Rd, Oak Ridges/RIchmond Hill
Pet's Name: Minty

Our beloved Minty went missing in the Bathurst and King Road area of Oak Ridges on March 23. She is three years old, all black, with green eyes. If you have seen her in your travels, please get in touch. We are missing her so very, very much.

Please contact us 6472875669 vilsdisanto@gmail.com



Lost in Vaughn 400/Major Mac-just adopted

Date Lost: 2017-02-25
Area: West side of 400/Major Mac in the field area
Pet's Name: Bella

A friend from Campbellford adopted a dog today-in Toronto area 'he slipped out of his collar at the 400 and Major mackenzie on West side . They were on their way back home with him.

Please contact us 705 632 9239 jj.smit@rogers.com



Lost dog in Maple

Date Lost: 2017-02-11
Area: Rutherford Rd & Dufferin street.and Major mackenzie Dr W and Keele street.
Pet's Name: TangTang

She is 3 years old white poodle, location at 11 Mahogany Forest Dr.

Please contact us 6478797800 chenhongguang111@gmail.com



dog lost in Richmond Hil

Date Lost: 2017-01-19
Area: Yonge and crosby ave // Richmond Hil
Pet's Name: Shadow

Black & white sib husky One blue eye and one brown eye friendly but nervous spayed about 40lb does not have her collar on her

Please contact us shade4473@gmail.com



Lost Brown Cocker Spániel

Date Lost: 2017-01-18
Area: Holland Landing (Mount Albert Rd - Colony Trail)
Pet's Name: Chocolate

He is a 4 Years old, dark Brown Cocker spaniel. Very friendly and lovely.... His name is Chocolate. He has grooming approx 2 weeks ago, he still wears a red scarf what he got in the salon. Last has been seen in Holland Landing on Mount Albert Rd - Colony Trail Blvd, tried calling him back but he Run away, so he run somewhere north part from Mount Albert Rd... Help me please to find him, we really so sad and miss him :((( Thank you so much for your helping!

Please contact us 647-530-4759 andrea.szeni67@gmail.com




Date Lost: 2017-01-21
Pet's Name: MYLES

light orange 3 years old male cat with with paws and chest somehow ran away late in the evening of jan 21st in aurora around luxton avenue. Hes an indoor cat.

Please contact us 4188035676 jimgb@me.com



Lost Dog

Date Lost: 2017-01-18
Area: Richmond Hill Mill pond
Pet's Name: Maddy

Chocolate Lab Orange collar

Please contact us 416-996-5882 perrylansing@rogers.com



Lost Senegal Parrot Tyko near Rutherford&Jane

Date Lost: 2017-01-12
Area: Vaughan - Casabel Drive at Rutherford Rd & Jane St.
Pet's Name: Tyko

My 10 year old Senegal parrot 'Tyko' flew out the door yesterday morning in Vaughan, behind Coppa's at Rutherford Rd and Jane st. He is tame and speaks. If found or sighted please contact Hedihe at 416.951.7117 Please bring Tyko inside as the temperature is too low for parrots to survive. Please check your backyard and any small place where he would hide for shelter. Please help me bring my precious baby home 😔

Please contact us 4169517117 hediehnazarian@gmail.com

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