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Born in an alley, one of six was I, no right to live, too tough to die.  Worn out mother, father unknown, runt of the litter, in a world alone.
Raised in the streets by wits alone, taken in twice by what I hoped was home.  Not well bred the people would say, can't keep him when he looks that way. 
Legs too long, head too small, didn't notice the heart at all.  Look at me deep I wanted to say, I'll give you love, please let me stay. Somewhere I know there's a place for me, where I can share love someone will see.  Someone will look beneath my fur and skin, see my soul and take me in.

Author Unknown

Please remember this when looking for a pet to welcome into your family!

Free e-book: "Adopting a Rescue Dog - The First 7 days"


Kate & Me Cat Rescue
Kate and Me Cat Rescue
Kate and Me Cat Rescue is a non-profit organization based in the area of Newmarket, ON.  Founded in 2005 on behalf of our daughter Catrine (“Kate”), who suffers from various disabilities, it is Kate's way of giving to our community.  Since we opened our doors we have helped many abandoned, orphaned and stray cats find their forever homes.  We are a no-kill shelter and we stand behind our placements, doing our best to ensure that your new addition is a good match for both your family and the cat or kitten.

We are a rescue group run solely by volunteers who give of their time and energy to assist these wonderful animals.

For more information, please visit our website!



Tiny Paws Dog Rescue Canada

Paw2.gifTPDRC is dedicated to the welfare of dogsPaw.gif
TPDRC's objective is to rehabilitate and re-home abused, stray or surrendered dogs of any breed up to 20lbsPaw.gif
TPDRC wishes to play a role in educating and raising public awareness regarding responsible pet ownership hopefully resulting in better treatment of all dogsPaw.gif

For more info, check out their website!


CYTA logo
Canadian Yorkshire Terrier Rescue Needs Homes!

The Canadian Yorkshire Terrier Association is a non-profit organization dedicated to encouraging and promoting responsible ownership, training, breeding and exhibiting of this wonderful breed.

For more info, please see the CYTR website



Please remember that: Pets Are for Life, Not for Christmas!



Friends of Forsaken Animals

For more information on Friends of Forsaken Animals check out their website



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