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Female Little Black and White Dog found in Goodwood - OWNER'S FOUND
Date Found: 2014-07-27
Area: Hwy 47 & Hwy 21 (Goodwood Road), Goodwood, Ontario
Found 9pm on Sunday night. She has no collar and does not have a micro-chip. Black and white body colouring. She has an underbite, and appears like she's been groomed fairly recently. I'm keeping her for the next day or two, but will have to take her to Uxbridge-Scugog Animal Control Centre after that (1360 Reach Road, Port Perry). Really nice dog, I'm hoping her owner sees this posting!

Update: Hi, the little dog, "Jenny",  has been reunited with her family. Thanks for being there! (07/31/14)
Please call 647-xxx-xxxx

Found Retreiver in Richmond Hill - FOUND
Date Found: 2014-08-06
Area: Leslie & Stouffville, Richmond Hill
Mature light colour male retreiver with black collar found wandering. Friendly and well-trained dog. Filthy, wet and scared when found, probably been lost for more than couple days.

Update: Kindlky remove ad posted last week.  Owner came and claimed the dog already.  Thank you very much. (08/13/14)
Please call 416-xxx-xxxx

Found Aurora Cat Black/White - Owner's Found
Date Found: 2014-08-03
Area: Aurora Heights/Crawford Rose
Young, very friendly black/white cat hanging around on Autumn Way in Aurora ON

Update: Owner and kitty reunited. Thank you! (08/09/14)
Please call 905-xxx-xxxx

Date Lost: 2014-08-09
Pet's Name: ROCKY

Update: My name is Hari and my dog Rocky was missing as of Saturday August 9th but he was found by someone who took him to the Newmarket location of the OSPCA. They went on your site, saw my ad and called me this morning to tell me they have him. I'm beyond thankful and I owe everything to you guys. You can delete that and please post this on your site for other people to see that it is extremely helpful. Godbless (08/11/14)
Please call 647-xxx-xxxx

Lost Dog in Newmarket - FOUND
Date Lost: 2014-06-29
Area: Bexhill and Harewood
Pet's Name: Lexie

Terrier/schnauzer mix Brown eyes Black hair, with white parts

Update: SHE'S HOME!!!!! Our dog Lexie was spooked by the firecrackers and was out all night heaven knows where. She came home at 4am Monday. Thank you (07/01/14)
Please contact us 905-xxx-xxxx

Lost Cat in Markham, ON - FOUND
Date Lost: 2014-06-30
Area: Denison and Kennedy (across from Oriental supermarket)
Pet's Name: Sambar

Male, champagne/orange Siberian mix, 14 pounds, 11 years old, neutered, shots up to date, pink collar with a red heart shaped tag and microchip under Zukerman. Lost from Denison and Milliken Meadows Dr in Markham, ON on June 30th, 2014. Please call 905-xxx-xxxx Mon-Fri 9am-6pm or 905-xxx-xxxx if you have seen him.

Update: Sambar has been found and safe at home. Could you please remove his posting? Thank you so much for your service! (07/14/14)
Please contact us 905-xxx-xxxx

Date Lost: 2014-06-06
Pet's Name: SAMMY

If anyone sees a small black toy poodle that looks like this and can be called by the name "Sammy" please send me any information or leads. He went missing around the Bathurst and Steeles area in Toronto. We believe he may have been stolen and hope it's not the case and hope he turns up somewhere. He has a small tattoo behind his ear.

Update: Please remove ad, dog has been found and taken home safely! (06/09/14)
Please call 647-xxx-xxxx

Lost Cat - FOUND
Date Lost: 2014-05-30
Area: Hwy 7 & 9th line Markham
Pet's Name: Louis

Ginger medium hair length wearing a red collar 8 years old

Update:  Louis has been found, OSPCA checked your website and they had him, just picked him up. Thank you! (06/06/14)
Please call 647-xxx-xxx

Lost cat in Richmond Hill - FOUND
Date Lost: 2014-05-26
Area: Yonge and Elgin Mills
Pet's Name: Kotya

Small, skinny, short hair, mostly grey with white fur around her nose, mouth, on chest, belly and paws. Normally scared of strangers.

Update: Hi Infopet, We've found our cat! Please remove our add. Thank you!
Please call 905-xxx-xxxx

Lost Cat in Kleinburg - FOUND
Date Lost: 2014-05-07
Area: Islington and Major Mackenzie
Pet's Name: Shelby

Longhair siamese (tan and chocolate), small, not declawed, no tags, female.

Update: My pet has been found, so I no longer need a lost pet ad!
Please call 905-XXX-XXXX

Dog lost at John/Bayview in Markham - FOUND
Date Lost: 2014-05-18
Area: John and Bayview in Markham
Pet's Name: Bailey

Bailey was staying at a friends house and ran out the front door around 6am May 18th. She resembles an Australian Kelpie mix. Short Black hair, with tri-colour markings on legs and head. Approx 2-3 years old. Has a pink collar with tags (ID and rabies). Reward available.

Update: Bailey has been found. Please remove the ad. Thank you. 
Please call 905-XXX-XXXX

Lost cat in Newmarket - FOUND
Date Lost: 2014-05-12
Area: Yonge/Mulock
Pet's Name: Sniper

Large adult male cat. Grey/brown stripes. Short haired tabby.

Update: My Name is Sarah and I put up a notice on your website about my cat. We found him this morning. I put up posters around the neighbourhood and a neighbour a  few houses down found him in her yard. Thanks your your help. My cats name is Sniper and he was missing in Newmarket. Thank you.
Please call 647-XXX-XXXX

Lost Grey Cat in Keswick -  FOUND
Date Lost: 2014-05-03
Area: Morton Ave & The Queensway, Keswick
Pet's Name: Isabel

Isabel has been missing since Saturday morning. She got out and hasn't been home since. She is a smaller grey cat, with a small white patch on her chest. She is very timid. She was wearing a distinctive collar with a bell but no other identification (she was an indoor cat). She is extremely missed if you have seen her, or have any information please call 289-XXX-XXXX.

Update: Could you please take the post for Isabel down (missing from Keswick).  She has been found after being gone for 10 days!! :)
Please call 289-XXX-XXXX

Lost Cat in Aurora -  FOUND
Date Lost: 2014-05-12
Area: Bathurst and McClellan
Pet's Name: Simba

Lost much loved grey and white 6 month old cat with a bushy Tail. His name is Simba and he should have on a collar with bell and tags. If you have any information about him please contact us.

Update: I'm very happy to say that we found Simba (dirty, wet, limping and very hungry but otherwise OK). Thanks you for your assistance!
Please contact us 905-xxx-xxxx

Lost Bengal Cat in Stouffville - FOUND
Date Lost: 2014-04-17
Area: Dougherty Crescent in Stouffville
Pet's Name: Leo

Leo, is an indoor cat 2 years old. He is a bengal, orange in colour with black stripes and spots. He is declawed. I am going nuts!!
Reward for his safe return!!

Update: Could you please remove my ad about my lost Bengal Leo. I placed my ad around April 17th. He came home!
Thank you.
Please contact us 416-xxx-xxxx

Lost Tabby Cat - FOUND
Date Lost: 2011-05-21
Area: Carol Ave/Eagle Street, Newmarket
Pet's Name: Bunny

Tiger, fluffy, long fur, shy and gentle. An indoor cat which slipped out of the house.

Update: Hello, we are happy to report our cat was found.  Turns out she managed to get behind a wall in the house; we located her and got her out.  Another happy ending!  We found rescued her within two days after placing the notice. Thanks so much for your website; very helpful indeed!
Please contact us 905-xxx-xxxx

Lost Cat in Thornhill - FOUND
Date Lost: 2011-04-18
Area: Dufferin & Major Mackenzie, Thornhill
Pet's Name: Kiss

Kiss is a small, grey, long-haired, male cat. He goes outside every day for a few hours, but always comes home. He was let out April 18th and still has not returned. He is very much missed. If found, please call.

Update: My family just called and told me that they found Kiss - they went searching in the wooded area around where we live and found the poor thing hanging out in a tree. Therefore, I will not be needing the lost pet ad - sorry, for the false alert, we have all been very worried since he did not come home yesterday.  Thank you so much for your help! Lilia
Pleae call 416-xxx-xxxx

Lost Cat in Aurora - FOUND!
Date Lost: 2011-07-20
Area: Yonge & Henderson (Poplar Cres)
Pet's Name: Hope

Slightly chubby Russian Blue (all grey) female with green eyes. No collar. Sneaky monkey snuck out around 8pm. Will respond to shaken bag of dry cat food.

Update: We can remove the ad for the “Slightly chubby Russian Blue….”.  She’s not so chubby at the moment, due to dehydration from the heat, but she is happily recovering from her unexpected explorations in the local forest.  Thanks for the ad!
Please call 905-xxx-xxxx

Lost Cat in Richmond Hill - FOUND!
Date Lost: 2011-07-19
Area: Bayview and South Taylor Mills
Pet's Name: Bella

small white calico female went missing last night; new home so she is not familiar with the area please call 416-xxx-xxxx or 905-xxx-xxxx.

Update: Thank you.  Bella has been found and is safely at home. Thank you and everyone who provides this service.  It is wonderful and takes wonderful, caring people to do things like this. Thanks again. Donna
Please call 416-xxx-xxxx

Lost Dog - FOUND
Date Lost: 2011-06-29
Area: Woodbine - Bloomington, Gormley
Pet's Name: Benji

Benji is a White dog - American Eskimo (M) 17 years old.

Update: Benji – American Eskimo 17 years old was found  -  Thank you!
Please call 905-xxx-xxxx

Lost Dog in Vaughan - FOUND
Date Lost: 2011-06-16
Area: Keele St/Kirby Rd, Vaughan/Maple
Pet's Name: Barney

Barney is a 4 year old male Schnoodle, grey-like colour (salt/pepper). His colar is thin and multi-colour without any tags.Barney ran away from 25 Village Vista Way near Keele St/Kirby Rd. He is unfamiliar with the area as this was his first time there so he might be scared. He lives in the Keele St/Rutherford Rd area.

Update: We are happy to say that we found Barney.  Could you please remove the posting about him missing.  He is the one that went missing on June 16th from the Keele St/Kirby Rd location.  Thank you for your help! Sincerely Nancy and Barney! :)
Please call 416-xxx-xxxx

Lost Cat in Newmarket - FOUND!
Date Lost: 2011-06-06
Area: Yonge & Mulock (Summer Hill)
Pet's Name: Vino
Tabby Brown, male, green eyes, front paws decloued, neutered, wearing blue collar without tags, but he is microchipped. In door cat, very timid, about 11 ponds and 8 years old. He got out on Monday evening, June 6 and not back yet. Please help

Update: Vino is back home on his own after 11 days, he is safe now even though so thin. Thank you for your help, please update this info. It is wonderful to know that you are helping lost pets. Kind regards, Mai
Please call 905-xxx-xxxx

Lost Yorkie in Richmond Hill - FOUND
Date Lost: 2011-06-08
Area: Bayview north of Elgin Mills
Pet's Name: Minnie
Caramel coloured miniature Yorkie, approx 5 lbs, short hair very friendly and bubbly demeaner

Update: We've found her! Thank you so much for providing such a great service to the community!!! We were lucky enough to have a great neighbor find our puppy and return her this evening. Thank you sooooo much, Sofia
Pleae call 416-xxx-xxxx

Lost Cat in Newmarket - FOUND
Date Lost: 2011-06-03
Area: Main St., London Rd., Newmarket
Pet's Name: Sage

Sage is her name, but we really only ever call her "Kitty", "Kitten-Witten", or "Kitty-Wee". She's a very furry, very affectionate, slightly overweight grey kitty, and we miss her dearly. We think she escaped while we had the door propped open while we were moving a TV on Friday (June 3rd).

Update: Our neighbours, about a block and a half away, had been looking after our cat who'd made herself at home in their back yard. Yesterday morning, they saw the posters we put up on the weekend, and they called us last night with the good news! Thanks very much for allowing us to use your site, I will definitely use it again if I lose a pet again, and will recommend it to others!
Pleae call 905-xxx-xxxx

Lost Cat In Stouffville - FOUND!
Date Lost: 2011-05-30
Area: Hwy 48 & Main Street (Stouffville)
Pet's Name: Shurik
•    Missing from Sandale Road (Cardinal Point Development) •    Possibly scared off by construction •    Grey & White Adult Male Neutered •    12 years old •    NO COLLAR – might look like a stray •    If he is comfortable will respond to sit/paw and beg commends if rewarded with treats.

Update: Our cat has come home!
Please call 905-xxx-xxxx

Lost Cat in Newmarket - FOUND
Date Lost: 2011-05-29
Area: Niagara and Millard/Church-Main and Davis
Pet's Name: Daisy

Daisy is a dilute Calico. She is about 11 lbs, has a white chest and belly and markings that are light grey and orange. She has a long thin grey tail. She disappeared this morning. She was lying under our truck in the driveway and then just vanished.

Update: Daisy came home just as it got dark.  Thank goodness, I am so relieved.  Could you please remove the posting. Thanks very much, Lynda
Please call 905-xxx-xxxx

Lost dog in markham - FOUND
Date Lost: 2011-05-26
Area: Markham (McCowan/Denison)
Pet's Name: Nero

Black and grey coccapoo, scruffy fur with long ears. Ran out of the house. He is about 12 inches high with a white beard. He is the beloved best friend to a girl who misses him terribly!

Update: I posted around 8:30, at 9:00 we had a phone call that someone had found him earlier and brought him into their house. They did a google search, found the site, found the post and called.

This was a happy ending indeed. My parents brought him home just last night as a birthday surprise for my 8 year old sister, this morning he ran away through the front door as my dad came home from dropping her off to school. After searching by foot all day long, and after many tears shed (by grown ups and kids) this little girl can begin to get to know her new best friend!! Thank you for this web site, and thank you to the kind people who returned Nero to his happy home!
Please call 905-xxx-xxxx

Dog lost on McCowan Road - FOUND
Date Lost: 2011-05-22
Area: McCowan Road and Vandorf Sideroad
Pet's Name: Maxwell

Maxwell pulled away to chase a chipmunk while on a walk. He is still wearing his retractable leash and orange collar with ID tags. Maxwell is skittish around strangers and may be difficult to catch. He is not aggressive toward people or other animals (including cows and horses which he has been around a lot). He is a Belgian Shepherd (looks like a long hair German Shepherd) and is brown and black. We are very concerned his leash has tangled around something and he can't get free.

Update: Thank you so much for all your help. I am extremely happy to say that 3 and a half days after we lost Max, we found him deep in a forest marsh. He was very dirty, very hungry and VERY happy to see us! We are ecstatic to have a member of our family back, safe and sound.
Please call 905-xxx-xxxx

Lost black lab cross in Richmond Hill - FOUND
Date Lost: 2011-05-19
: Lucas and Laverock
Pet's Name
: Charley

Black lab with white chest and paws, 70 lbs. very friendly,9 years old. Blue collar with Richmond Hill red dog tag. Escaped from back yard in Richmond Hill at 7:30 p.m. while cutting lawn. Much loved pet of childless couple. Reward offered.

Update: Good morning, Thankfully, our dog returned to our porch an hour after we submitted this posting. We'll be more diligent with yard gates in future. Many thanks for offering this service to the community!
Please contact us 905-xxx-xxxx

Date Lost: 2011-04-27
Area: Richmond Hill, Bayview & Redstone
Pet's Name: Mr. Wilson

Mr Wilson was lost during the extreme weather we had on Wednesday. He's an elderly dog who is going deaf and has arthritic joints. He has a graying muzzle with long brown curly hair. He's a spaniel type and is low to the ground and of medium build.

Update: Hi, this e-mail is just to let you know that wilson has been found safe & sound and is now home with us. We're very happy to have him back!
Please contact us 647-xxx-xxxx



Lost Dog in Markham - FOUND!
Date Lost: 2011-05-01
Area: Kennedy and Bur Oak Ave
Pet's Name: LokLok

LokLok is a 4 years old dog. He is maltese and poodle mixed, all white. He just had his hair cut before lost, so he is having very short hair now. please contact me asap if anyone found him.

Update: I posted an ad on May 1st about my lost dog. I found him already! A very nice guy found him and called me after he found me on your website. So please remove the ads for me. And thanks so much for this very helpful website! Best wishes, Sanie 
Please contact us 647-xxx-xxxx



Cat lost in Thornhill - FOUND!
Date Lost: 2011-05-09
Area: Royal Orchard and Bayview
Pet's Name: Benny

Black and white domestic short haried cat with white paws. 6 years old. Really friendly, but may be scared outside as he is an indoor cat. He escaped last night. Has microchip, but possibliy wont work, because it was done in Australia.

Update: This cat was just found, hiding in a BBQ in the backyard :)
Please contact us 416-xxx-xxxx



Lost Cat in Maple Ontario - FOUND!

Date Lost: 2011-04-03
Area: Major mackenzie and dufferin
Pet's Name: Mika

Orange tabby with some white. Her face is half white, her paws are white and hour tummy. Will give $$ reward.

Please contact us 416-xxx-xxxx



Lost Cat in Thornhill  - FOUND!

Date Lost: 2011-03-30
Area: Dufferin and Clark (Thornhill)
Pet's Name: Max

Max is a three year old tabby cat, he is multicoloured on his body (grey-ish)and has a white tummy, and white paws. Max has allergies which cause him to scratch his face so he has wounds on his face. Max also suffers from seizures and takes medication daily to stabalize his condition. Max needs his medication right away.

Update: Thank you so very much for your support and assistance with helping us to find our cat! I am forever grateful, max is now home safe and sound so you can take down the ad for "lost cat in thornhill" name:max Thank you again, -Alessia

Please contact us 905-xxx-xxxx



Lost Cat in Aurora, ON  - FOUND!

Date Lost: 2011-03-29
Area: McClellan Way & Bathurst
Pet's Name: Indiana or "Indy"

Indiana is a brown tabby, with white legs, tummy & left cheek. He also has a black mark on his left hind leg. He is also fixed & declawed. He was last seen March 29, 2011. Indiana does not normally stray farther than 1-2 houses away when he gets out (he's an indoor), so we believe he has been taken in by someone. If you have any information, or have seen our beloved cat, please do not hesitate to call us @ (905) xxx-xxxx.

Update: Indiana came home!!! Thanks to everyone & anyone who kept a look out. We are extremely grateful for all your support. I wish everyone else who is still missing their animal, the best of luck in finding them. Thank you so much, Natalie & family". Thank YOU infopet.ca for allowing those of us with lost animals to post for free. It is GREATLY appreciated. - Natalie -

Please contact us 905-xxx-xxxx



Lost Cat - Stonehaven, Newmarket  - FOUND!

Date Lost: 2011-04-03
Area: Stonehaven Ave., Newmarket
Pet's Name: Maddie

Our cat, Maddie, went missing Sunday April 3rd around noon from Stonehaven Avenue near Stonehaven Public School. Maddie is a little female, multi-coloured in various shades of brown , reddish-brown fur with big yellow eyes. She is an indoor cat and is declawed. No tags but she is micro-chipped. Please call 905-954-0430 if you have seen her. You will make her family very happy. Thank you!

Update: Please remove this lost ad - cat was found Sun April 10th. Thanks.

Please contact us 905-xxx-xxxx



Lost Dog In Holland Landing - FOUND!

Date Lost: 2011-03-04
Area: Yonge & Bathurst, Holland Landing
Pet's Name: Sheena

12 Year old Terrier mix, mainly black with beige legs and some underside. Beige on lower face and mouth. Responds to her name. Last wearing a pink collar with tags and a purple sweater with white trim. Wandered off from home, may have been scared and went the wrong way. If anyone has seen her, please contact me. Thank you

Update Just wanted to relay that Sheena has been found, I posted her lost on the 4th.  She was picked up quickly and taken to the local kennel by some kids in the area.  Happy to have her home!!!! (3/7/11)

Please contact us 905-xxx-xxxx



homeneeded-BigPete.jpg (159575 bytes)
Big Pete

homeneeded-Marco.jpg (140001 bytes)

 Home Needed for Two Handsome Fellas! - ADOPTED!

Big Pete is an orange, short haired, loveable “gentle giant” [6.5kg], who obviously has lived in a warm, loving home and needs to get back into a similar environment.  He is estimated to be about 6 or 7 years old, is neutered, up to date in his vaccinations and in good general health.  He was found wandering outside, but has had several months of being fed and fussed over, but is still shy with strangers.  A veterinarian examination revealed that he has a microchip, but his former owners are no longer traceable. He appears to like a quiet environment and would make a wonderful addition to any home. 

Marco is a young, approximately year old, black and white, shorthaired charmer.  He is a neutered male, is current with his vaccinations and in good general health. He appears to have been on his own, outside for some time, so requires a little more socializing before he becomes completely relaxed in a strange environment.  Once trust is established, however, he has a very gentle personality and loves to cuddle.  He, too, would make a wonderful, loving addition to any home. 

Big Pete and Marco seem to have been travelling together, comforting and caring for each other while homeless.  It would be a bonus to them if they could remain together in a loving, caring home.


Please email Sunny 



Missing Cat in Whitby - FOUND!

Date Lost: 2010-11-08
Area: Thickson/Kandalwood & Burns Street in Whitby Ontario
Pet's Name: Spike

Spike is a male black cat who is ten years old. He weighs about 25 lbs. He is very friendly and is a beloved pet of the family. He is an indoor cat who accidently got outside and is now missing. This is his first time outside. He is micropchipped and I have notified local animal shelters, humane society, vets, posted missing posters. I have looked everywhere in the area, knocked on all of my neighbors doors and asked everyone that I have seen but he is still missing. Please if anyone has seen him, contact me. Any information is very appreciated.

Update: I would like to inform you that my pet has returned home! I very much appreciate you posting my cat in the missing pet section of your website, and I would like to thank you for all your help. It really helps to know that there are services like this to help desperate pet owners in their time of need.

Please contact us 289-xxx-xxxx



Lost Dog in Oshawa - FOUND!

Date Lost: 2010-08-23
Area: Wilson and King
Pet's Name: Sunny

We lost our precious little Maltese on August 23rd as he got our door with "no trace" of him around. He is pure white around 10 lbs, wearing a black collar at the time. He is extremely friendly and was not fixed but was ready to be as we got him as an older puppy. He is close to a year old may still have a marking on his belly. I would love to reunite him back with my son as he misses him terribly. We pray for his safe return home any information of his whereabouts would be greatly appreciated THANK-YOU!*REWARD*

Update: Hi, I just want to let you know that after 5 long months and 4 days we have found our dog Sunny!!! He has had quite the journey and we want to let everyone know not to give up on their animals! Accidents do happen but we want to make sure this never happens again. He is getting his new dog tag today and he is not leaving our side. Thank-you Infopet for allowing us to post here. Hopefully more animals are reunited with their owners in the future. We can't always trust humans but we can believe that miracles do and can happen (01/29/11)

Please contact us 905-xxx-xxxx



FOUND Cat in Woodbridge - Al Palladini Community Centre - FOUND?

Date Found: 2010-12-01
Area: Islington and Rutherford - Al Palladini Community Centre

CAT - LONG HAIR CALICO - on Dec 1 & Dec 2, about 11pm - this lovely cat was hanging around west & east side entrances of Al Palladini Community Centre - very friendly, affectionate - cuddles up against my legs - loves to be petted - real sweetie - if i were able, i would bring it home, such a beautiful smart cat !!! - it was very hungry, so i fed it on both nights - if i see it there again, i will consider taking it to a shelter, as the temperature is freezing cold now - but i was hoping the owner would come forward, and bring it home !!! - if this is your cat, go search for it at the Al Pall Centre - and also contact me with your info, as i am at the Al Pall Centre almost daily, and if i see it, i will be happy to call you to pick it up

Update: I got no responses - and never saw cat again - hopefully it was found or went home (01/29/11)

Please contact us 905-xxx-xxxx




Date Lost: 2010-12-31
Area: Murdock Ave, Aurora
Pet's Name: PABLO

Our outdoor cat who comes in and out all day long hasn't been home for over 24 hours. He has never done this. He is Grey and White with a white face and a grey patch like a goatee. He answers to Pablo...He has medium length hair and is quite large. He is almost 2 years old, we have had him since birth. He belongs to my three kids although we all think of him as family. He is NOT neutered and we were never able to keep a tag on him. He is friendly and does not bite or scratch. If you have seen him please let us know (whether it's good or bad news) Thank you and Happy New Year!

Update: After 18 days away on what we are assuming was the adventure of a lifetime...our cat Pablo (with a little wear and tear) made his way back home!  The kids were home from school sick today and one of the twins was playing around the blinds and screamed "There is Pablo"  I didn't believe him but thought I would humour him anyways...good thing I did there was our baby staring right back at me with what I swear was a huge smile.  By the time I got to the door he was there...he rushed inside, ate a feast and it was a snuggle fest!  We are so thrilled and thank infopet.ca for their website.  Good luck to all...don't give up hope! (01/18/11)

Please contact us 905-xxx-xxxx




Lost Dogs in Muskoka - FOUND!

Date Lost: 2011-01-01
Area: Moon River, Mactier area
Pet's Name: Aten and Bear

Two lab x black in colour. One 2 yr old neutered male and one 6 yr old spayed female. They weren't wearing collars and got out when someone opened the door. Name of male is Aten and the female is Bear. We miss them terribly and have registered with the OSPCA from Sudbury to Barrie. We've called all vet clinics and animal hospitals. Please email if you have seen or picked up our pets.

Update: Our dogs were found today about an hour away.  We are very grateful the outcome was a good one as its been a very difficult 9 days.  Thank you for websites like this where we can post our lost pets.

Please contact us 705-xxx-xxxx



lost2cat-857590.jpg (130166 bytes)

Lost Cat in Oakville - FOUND!

Date Lost: 2010-08-29
Area: Upper Middle and 6th LIne - Oakville
Pet's Name: Leo

Leo left home on Sunday August 29, and hasn't returned since. Leo is a mostly white, 3 year-old neutered male cat, weighing approximately 9 lbs. Please email or call if you have seen him.

Update: Today is New Years Eve, and I can report that Leo has been found, alive and well in Caledon, (4 months later,) and has been returned to us today in Oakville.Thanks to all for your efforts in helping him return home. Ted and Anne (12/31/10)

Please contact us 905-xxx-xxxx



lost2cat-979285.jpg (75977 bytes)

Lost Cat in Bolton - FOUND!

Date Lost: 2010-11-17
Area: Harvest Moon and Headwater, Bolton
Pet's Name: Dusty

To my friendly neighbour: I have lost my cat and could really use your help. Her name is Dusty (See Picture) and she lives at 37 Headwater Road, Bolton She went missing Wednesday November 17th at approximately 10:00pm She is not an outside cat but I do let her in the backyard once a day and she never leaves the backyard, but for some reason I didn’t notice that the gate to the backyard was open that day and when I went to let her in around 11:00 pm she wasn’t anywhere to be found and that was when I noticed that the gate was open. She is not familiar with the surrounding area so I am pretty sure she is just lost and can’t find her way back home. I was hoping that you could help in a small way with my search to find Dusty, because she is lost and I am sure very frightened she may have entered an open garage, shed or even a backyard for some shelter; if you could please have a quick look in these areas for me it would be much appreciated. Even if you think you have seen her on the road or somewhere else in your travels please let me know where so I can go and look for her. If you do see her it may be best to leave her where she is and call me and I will come right over, my fear is if you try to pick her up or get close to her she may panic and run again…she also has a tendency to hiss and growl when a stranger approaches her in an unfamiliar situation, but don’t worry she is harmless and does have all her up to date needles. I would not try to pick her up as I think I am the only one that she will let pick her up, she will just push away. If found or if you have seen her please call Mark (anytime) at 416-xxx-xxxx

Update: Dusty came home so you can remove the ad. Thank you so much (11/24/10)

Please contact us 416-xxx-xxxx



LOST: Small black female dog - FOUND!

Date Lost: 2010-11-13
Area: Woodbine north of 16th Avenue in Markham
Pet's Name: Cleo

Please help! Our dog Cleo became startled and ran away from her dogsitter on Saturday, November 13th at about 1 o'clock in the afternoon. She was last seen in the Cachet Woods subdivision, near Woodbine and 16th Ave. in Unionville. She is about 13 lbs with shiny black fur, pointy ears and no tail. Her favourite trick is pattycake. Cleo is normally very friendly but might be frightened and skittish because of her adventure. She is microchipped. Please contact us at any time if you have found her or even seen her in your neighbourhood. We are desperate to have her home! Please call 647-xxx-xxxx any time of day or night.

Update: Hi there, This morning, after 13 days missing, we were able to finally catch Cleo. We had to use a live trap to do so, but she is home and in great condition. Thanks for your help! Stephanie (11/27/10)

Please contact us 647-xxx-xxx



Lost Dog - Newmarket\East Gwillumbury - Rogers Reservoir - FOUND!

Date Lost: 2010-12-03
Area: Green Lane and Main St N. , Rogers Reservoir, Newmarket
Pet's Name: Benny and Shaya

2 hound dogs lost while walking in Rogers Reservoir Conservation Area. Black and white male; black collar. Black and grey female; red collar. If found, please call 905-713-9638 or 289-221-0298. Thank you!

Update: Hi, we have found our missing dogs. Thank you for your help. You have a great website! 12/06/10)

Please contact us 905-xxx-xxx



Found in Markham - OWNER'S FOUND!

Date Found: 2010-10-16
Area: Brimley & 14th, Markham

Male Tabby Cat, still has his claws. Very friendly. Obviously a house cat as he walked straight into our home and loves to be picked up.

Update: Remove the Ad for the above details, Julian (the cat) is now home with his happy owners. (funny enough he has been missing for 2months) Thanks, Rhena

Please contact us 



Lost Cat in Richmond Hill - FOUND!

Date Lost: 2010-10-20
Area: bayview and stouffville road
Pet's Name: jasmine

my indoor cat jasmine is a short hair brown and black tabby with green eyes weighing about 7 lbs. she is normal an indoor cat but was let out accidently yesterday and i did not become aware of this until today. she does not seem to be in the area and i am extremely concerned as she does not have front claws and is not accustomend to being outdoors. please call 647-xxx-xxxx if you find her. she does not have any tags but has a tattoo in her ear. thank you

Update: Thank you for listing my post, I am happy to report that Jasmine has been found! Thank you for your help. Jennifer (and Jasmine)(10/22/10)

Please contact us 647-xxx-xxx



Lost Cat in Woodbridge Reward Offered - FOUND!

Date Lost: 2010-10-15
Area: Islington and Major Mackenzie
Pet's Name: Shadow

Medium sized black and white long-haired male cat. Please Help Us Find Shadow, missing from Julia Valentina Ave., Woodbridge, ON (last seen Friday evening, October 15th, 2010). Shadow is an indoor cat who "snuck out" on Friday night. He is very friendly and loving but not street smart at all. He got out once before a couple of years ago and hid in a neighbour's wood pile, not meowing back when we called his name. He is a loyal, gentle and a very much loved family pet, We miss him terribly. He may be hiding in your garage, in a shed or somewhere else. Please look for him. I am offering a $100 reward if you find our beloved kitty. Please call Carol 416-xxx-xxxx or Philip at 416-xxx-xxxx or 905-xxx-xxxx if you find or have seen him. Thank you!

Update: Joyfully we got our lost cat back last night. It was truly a happy ending. My son put flyers on the door of every house in the neighbourhood on the recommendation of a vet. She said that Shadow might have gone into someone's shed or garage when they were open in the nice weather this past weekend. We asked everyone to take a look and offered a reward. A few hours later we got a call from a neighbour just down the street. Shadow had come to their back screen door after they let their dog out. Because their daughter saw our flyer when she came home from school they called us right away. We flew out of the house to pick him up. He has many burrs in his fur and will be taking a trip to the vet today, but other than he was fine and cuddled with us back at home. My neighbour refused the reward so I told her that I will donate it to Sick Kid's Hospital. Thanks for your help!

Please contact us 416-xxx-xxx



Lost Cat in Markham - FOUND!

Date Lost: 2010-10-10
Area: 16th Avenue and Hwy 48 (Markham Rd) Markham
Pet's Name: Gordi

Black cat with white on belly went missing yesterday afternoon. Large female, 6 years old with front claws. No collar but has microchip.

Update: Please take down our ad. Gordi came home this morning, hungry and dirty but otherwise ok.

Please contact us 905-xxx-xxx



Lost Cat in Woodbridge - FOUND!

Date Lost: 2010-10-16
Area: Major Mackenzie and Weston Road
Pet's Name: Ginger

Big orange-white short-haired male cat. Please Help Us Find Ginger Missing, from Martina Cres., Woodbridge, ON (last seen Saturday evening, October 16th, 2010). Ginger is a big orange-white shorthaired neutered male adult cat. He is a domestic cat. He is a loyal, gentle and much loved family pet who never misses his breakfast or dinner 
- so he may be trapped in your garage, under your house, in a cupboard, car, locked rooms etc. Please check for him – he rarely meows, so you wouldn’t hear him necessarily. 
Any sightings, from this weekend, or subsequent, please advise us: Albert: 416-xxx-xxxx, Anna: 416-xxx-xxxx Thank you!

Update: It's amazing! An hour after I posted this ad our cat was found. I just wanted to tell how thankful we are and I think that your site provides great advise on pet searching tips. Just like you said, indoor cat will be close to home and would not run far away. He was under our neighbors' deck and came out by himself, shaken, hungry, but unharmed after been missing for 26 hours. Only his dirty paws reminds us of his disappearance. Ginger is at home now, I gave him his favorite treat - an olive. Our full of worries weekend has a happy ending. Thank you very much again for the great job you are doing. Anna, Albert and Ginger

Please contact us 416-xxx-xxx



lostcat-559620.jpg (55498 bytes)

Lost Cat in Newmarket - FOUND!

Date Lost: 2010-09-19
Area: Lesley/ Mulock, Newmarket
Pet's Name: Ashton

Grey male cat has been missing since Sunday, September 19. Details: white spot underneath his neck 6-7 kilograms, 1 year old

Update: I would like to thank you very much, as your web site helped us a lot to find our cat! Tips and other cases helped us to search better and more accurate. We found our Ashton close to our house- maybe 3 houses away! I was ready to search much further, but InfoPet gave us excellent tips ( search in the morning, or sunset, nearby area etc... Cat is probably not more than 5 houses away statement from InfoPet was correct. He recognized our voices when we talked ( it was already dark) and jumped in a front of us from very dark wood area, with loud Miaooo! Don't give-up the hope, search, our lost pets are around, but they don't know to find the way home! Grgic family, Newmarket

Please contact us 905-xxx-xxx



lostcat-524277.jpg (4948 bytes)

Lost Male Black and White cat - FOUND!

Date Lost: 2010-08-08
Area: yonge and mulock , newmarket
Pet's Name: Maxi

Black (back ) and White ( belly ) wearing a black zorro mask with white fur in between his eyes. Has breathing problems ( sneezes and coughs) Was lost around the yonge and mulock area ( Menczel cres ) . Tends to find a garage to sneek into. his brothers miss him terribly

Update: Hi thank you for your help. Maxi the black and white cat lost August 8th wad found and brought back home. I cannot express my gratitude
enough for your services. You are doing something amazing for every pet out there! Keep it up!

Please contact us 905-xxx-xxx



Oak Ridges lost cat - FOUND!

Date Lost: 2010-07-30
Area: Ashfield Rd & Bayswater Ave
Pet's Name: Bubble Gum

Grey tabby with black stripes and beige undercoat and underbelly,medium size(aprox.10-12 lbs)5-year old female. Missing since Friday before long weekend. She is an indoor cat with no knowledge of the surrounding area. Very friendly- responds to her name. Please contact us if you have any information about our Bubble

Update: Bubble returned home 2 weeks after escaping

Please contact us 905-xxx-xxx



lostdog-218260-Timmy.jpg (36795 bytes)


Date Lost: 2010-07-29
Area: Keele & Rutherford
Pet's Name: Timmy

We lost our puppy on July 29th, 2010. He is a puggle (half pug, half beagle) and is about a foot and a half long. He is 2.5 months old and very affectionate. He is very playful, and responds to the name Timmy. If you know where he is or have any information, please contact! Monetary award available for information that leads to his recovery.

Update: Hi there! I'm happy to report that our family has found Timmy. A lady had him at her house in King City and her neighbour called to tell us. Thanks for the help!

Please contact us 416-xxx-xxx



Lost Cat in Newmarket - FOUND!

Date Lost: 2010-07-19
Area: Liverpool and Manchester Drive
Pet's Name: Elliot

Was in the backyard and suddenly disappeared. Didn't return at night time around 11pm Monday night on July 19th, 2010. A cat that is about almost 2 years old. He's a white and brown cat. Shy and easily scared.

Update: Just wanted to let you know that Elliot has returned home safety.

Please contact us 905-xxx-xxxx



lostcat-218260-Butters.jpg (118128 bytes)

Lost Cat in Newmarket - FOUND!

Date Lost: 2010-07-14
Area: Terry Dr (Yonge, Eagle, William Roe Blvd.)
Pet's Name: Butters

Male gray with white paws, chest, stomach and white stripe on nose. Green eyes. Blue collar. Neutered, microchip. Very friendly.

Update: We have found Butters!!!  Thank you!!

Please contact us 905-xxx-xxx



lostcat-2118260.jpg (143617 bytes)

Grey male cat of average build lost in North Richmond Hill - FOUND!

Date Lost: 2010-07-11
Area: Yonge and Old Colony Rd, Richmond Hill
Pet's Name: Bender

Bluish grey short hair, orange penetrating eyes, average build. Closest breed: British Shorthair. The fur is thick and soft. The underbelly is a lighter shade of grey. The tip of his tail has some brownish stripes. Escaped through the back yard on Lebovic Drive. No tag - only recently acquired. Fixed. Easily scared by noise and unfamiliar environment, shies away from being handled. Any information would help! Thank you.

Update: I'm happy to let you know that we found our cat 3 days later. Thanks a lot for your support and help with the ad. Looked like the cat was hiding in the same place all of that time, so there wasn't really an opportunity for neighbors to spot him, but the ability to reach a wider audience through your service was of great help. The ad for Bender can be removed now. Thanks a lot, Alex.

Please contact us 416-xxx-xxx



lost2dog-2182600.jpg (63589 bytes)

Lost German Shepherd Dog - Whitby, Ontario - FOUND!

Date Lost: 2010-06-10
Area: Bell Drive and Dundas, Whitby, Ontario
Pet's Name: Jasmine

6 year old female German Shepherd, about 75 lbs. Please help me find her. I am devastated. Call anytime with any info.

Update: My German Shepherd Jasmine has been found!  Thank you for your assistance!

Please contact us 416-xxx-xxx



lostcat-366179.jpg (34267 bytes)

Lost Calico Cat in Markham - FOUND!

Date Lost: 2010-06-14
Area: Markham Rd / 14th Markham
Pet's Name: Spot

Female Calico lost on Boxwood Crescent. Relatively small, 1 year old, shy. Mostly white chest, spot on nose.

Update: Our cat returned this morning after being gone for 8 days. Please remove our ad. Thank you.

Please contact us 905-xxx-xxx



Black Kitten in Newmarket - FOUND!

Date Lost: 2010-05-03
Area: Eastman Cres & Lowe Ave.
Pet's Name: Eva

Pure black kitten..just had surgery. Ran away when bringing her home from the vet's on Eastman Cres., Newmarket. Has a shaved belly. Indoor cat, declawed, very scared of people. Please check in your garages, bushes and under decks. She like to hide. Missing her very much. If you have any information or see her, pls call.

Update: We are happy to announce, the return of our kitten.  Thanks to all our neighbours and InfoPet!

Please contact us 647-xxx-xxxx



lost2dog-218260.jpg (53826 bytes)

Lost dog in Mississauga - FOUND!

Date Lost: 2010-05-29
Area: Dixie and Dundast st. E
Pet's Name: Arong

LOST DOG] Arong is Female, Toy-Poodle, White, about 3.5kg small. She is missing since saturday, May 29/2010. last seen in dundas and dixie, mississauga ON. She may limp her back leg due to her knee joint capsule problem. she has very senstivie stomach and needs two meals per day. if anyone saw her or have her or saw anyone have her.. please.. please contact me..

Update: She is now back at home! My family reunited with Arong on sunday june 13! She was picked up by Toronto Animal Service dispatch team. They told me that we was wearing a white collar, which she didnt at time i lost. She found on black creek and western rd.  Was brought into Etobicoke Animal shelter on sunday june 13 around 1, and we picked up her around 1:30-2:00.

Arong is safely returned, no wound, nothing. but she seemed very stressed out, she has been panting and drinking/eating alot. she went to see vet, physical and blood tests results were normal. Arong is now recovering at home! :) calming down. Thank you for your help and concern :) Lauren

Please contact us 647-xxx-xxxx



Lost Dog in Toronto - FOUND!

Date Lost: 2010-06-15
Area: Port Union & Lawrence
Pet's Name: Orbit

His lead slipped from my hand and he started chasing another dog off leash. I lost sight of him and he didn't return. He is a Papillon, Mostly white with a black face and a white arrow marking on his forehead, his back end is also black, white fluffy tail. He is one year old and depending on the person can be quite friendly, will come for food. I have his brother who misses him dearly. Please help!

Update: I am happy to report that my puppy was returned home today and this ad may be removed. Thank you.

Please contact us 416-xxx-xxxx



lost cat in MARKHAM - FOUND!

Date Lost: 2010-05-24
Area: 16th ave
Pet's Name: Milo

lost white,orange,and dark orange tabby with a mostly white body(chest) and is wearing a black (avenue) body leash.

Update: Milo was found and is safe back home thanks to this ad and a kind man who found him, our ad can be deleted now.THANKS FOR YOUR SUPPORT :D

Please contact us 905-xxx-xxxx



lost2dog-192148.jpg (32744 bytes)

LOST jack russell 11 week old puppy - FOUND!

Date Lost: 2010-05-14
Area: bathurst- wilson north york
Pet's Name: Lily

REWARD my boyfriend took her out for last washroom late at night and she ran off, him standing there holding the door so it wont shut without shoes or keys, he decided to find something to put in the door then catch her, well not even a full min later she was gone she has been sited but shes so fast that no one can catch her possible last seen - lawerence st w and allen rd. area in north york close to the lawerence west ttc stn lost Friday May 14 at 10:30 it will be a week tonight :'( lost in the bathurst and wilson area just south of the 401 and east of Allen Rd. her name is lily she is 11 weeks old and about 4-5 lbs the size of a squirrel minus the tail. she is 50% white with brown - black brindle (marbling) spots her snout is white long tail pink coller no tag she most likely will follow children and other animals to play with. if you find her or see her please call 647-xxx-xxxx or 647-xxx-xxxx and leave a msg

Update: Thank you for posting this we have just gotten her back yesterday, altho the person who had her did not use this website she saw the posters that we had up. Your service help reunite families, Thank you!

Please contact us 647-xxx-xxxx



lost2dog-605448.jpg (47113 bytes)

Lost Chihuahua at Jane and Lawrence - FOUND!

Date Lost: 2010-05-10
Area: Jane/Lawrence, Toronto
Pet's Name: Lucy

Lucy is a chihuahua. Tan with white chest and stomach, white, grey and black nose. She is approx. 9 lbs, 6 years old. We had her at a friend's in the backyard. Fireworks started in the neighbourhood and Lucy began extremely scared and escaped under the fence and ran away. She is not wearing a collar. We are devasted and if you have found her, please contact us.

Update: Thankfully, we have found her and she is safe and sound at home. It was a real community effort to find her. She had travelled over 4 km and we received many calls (from all our postings and flyers) with tips and help over the last few days. We're elated to have her back home. Thanks again!

Please contact us at 416-xxx-xxxx



lostcat-975618.jpg (24345 bytes)

Lost Cat in Woodbridge - FOUND!

Date Lost: 2010-05-23
Area: medallion and 27 in woodbridge across from new Walmart
Pet's Name: Baby

Our worst nightmare. Our 15 year old large longhaired, fixed, declawed, indoor male tabby cat has somehow gotten out and lost. We are sick with worry. We want him home with us. My daughter is so sad to have lost her buddy. Please...any information, sightings, or if you've found him, please let us know.

Update: Good news...our prayers are answered and our ad can be deleted.  He appeared under the BBQ cover.  Must have been hiding under the deck for two days, poor guy.  Thank you so much for your service! 

Please contact us at 905-xxx-xxxx



Missing Pet Rabbit - FOUND!

Date Lost: 2010-05-22
Area: Aurora Heights/Crawford Rose
Pet's Name: Charlotte

Grey lop-eared rabbit-6 years old-vision loss (white eyes-cataracts) and has a definite hearing loss as well...out in our garden area...would not travel too far (has become slow) and is now missing...in case anyone picked her up please return her or check your gardens (she likes to hide under shrubs, plants bushes.)

Update: I recently posted a lost pet ad with your service for a missing rabbit in the Aurora area...happily...our Charotte has been found...she wandered away under our enclosed deck and burrowed in the corner with some sand...happily she is resting with lots of water and kale by her side sniffing her way around her cage realizing she is home again...thank you for your service...would you mind removing the ad...many thanks for being there...Luisa

Please contact us at 905-xxx-xxxx



lostcat-773467.jpg (58979 bytes)

Lost Black & White Cat in Richmond Hill - FOUND!

Date Lost: 2010-04-29
Area: Canyon Creek Ave & Springer Dr. (near Shaftsbury & Larratt) Richmond Hill
Pet's Name: Panda

He was last seen with another, slightly smaller, black & white cat with a black dot on its pink nose. He has a black body with white chin, belly & paws and is a domestic short—haired adult male cat, neutered but still has his claws. Loves cat treats and will usually beg for them, but can be very timid with strangers, especially children he doesn't know.


Update: Panda is home ! He just showed up scratching at the back door after 3 days & nights being lost. He seems no worse for wear, other than being more grey & brown than black & white, but a few wet towels can fix that :-))
Thank you very much for your help with the listing on your web site. We really appreciate being able to post a listing when Panda went missing . It helps to know that there are sites like yours available .

Please contact us at 905-xxx-xxxx



lostcat-379518.jpg (11626 bytes)

Lost Cat in Aurora - FOUND!

Date Lost: 2010-04-28
Area: Bathurst and Heathwood Heights, Aurora
Pet's Name: Sparkle

Small mostly white cat, with spot on her left side and a long black tail. She is declawed in the front. She is an indoor cat and snuck out of the house late on Thursday night. We believe she is close to home in the orchard heights/meadowwood area. If you have any information please call

Update: Hi my cat sparkle has been found! she is healthy and happy to be home!

Please contact us at 905-xxx-xxxx



Found dog in Stouffville - FOUND!

Date Found: 2010-05-07
Area: Kenndy and Stouffville Road

Golden Retriever found on side of Stouffville Road just east of Kenndy.

Update: the ad we posted under found for the golden retriever we found on Stouffville Rd and Kennedy Rd has a happy ending the dog was found. thank you! (5/9/10)

Contact us at 416-xxx-xxxx




Date Lost: 2010-05-10
Area: Bathurst & Teston Road, Maple, Vaughan
Pet's Name: Armani

1 year old SABLE sheltie Microchipped Disappeared at 1:30 pm from yard

Update: Please remove this listing for the lost dog - he has been found. Thank you! 

Please call 416-xxx-xxxx



Found dog near Schomberg - OWNER'S FOUND!

Date Lost: 2010-05-08
Area: Near 17th Sideroad & 8th Concession

Intact Male Black 'Shepherd' approximately 2 years? Very friendly, knows how to sit and take cookies! No collar.

Update: To advise the ad we posted on your site was successful and the owner of the dog came to pick him up today. Thank you!

Please contact us 905-xxx-xxxx



Lost Cat in Markham/Thornhill - FOUND!

Date Lost: 2010-03-18
Area: Bayview & John - Thornhill
Pet's Name: Tiger

Tiger went for a walk at 11:am, on Durie Lane, and never returned. He's orange with a white chest, 5.5lbs, he has a thyroid condition, and is almost 18yrs.

Update: Tiger came home! Please remove my 'lost pet' ad. Thank you

Please contact us 905-xxx-xxxx 



Lost Cat in St. Catharines - FOUND!

Date Lost: 2010-04-03
Area: Olde Glenridge neighbourhood
Pet's Name: Beijing

Beijing is a 6 yr. old, female, Seal Point Siamese cat. She has a medical condition, so her prompt return is critical. She is friendly and very talkative. Both PetWatch Ontario and the Lincoln County Humane Society have been notified and have further information. We miss her dearly! If you know of her whereabouts....

Update: Date Found: 2010-04-05 Area: Olde Glenridge, Beijing is a 6 yr. old, female, Seal Point Siamese cat. She was found thanks to the hard work of friends and neighbours. Appreciation goes out this site and sites like it; with your help the word got out. 

Please contact us 905-xxx-xxxx



Lost cat in Aurora - FOUND!

Date Lost: 2010-04-03
Area: Bayview & St John's Sideroad
Pet's Name: Harley

Harley is a male siamese and is 2 years old. He is an indoor cat and has never been outside before. Visitors accidentally left the basement door open. Harley is a seal point siamese, cream colour body with black face, paws and tail. He is not just a pet, he is a part of our family.

Update: Good news! Harley has been found...(4/6/10)

Please contact us 289-xxx-xxxx



Lost dog in Brampton - FOUND!

Date Lost: 2010-03-26
Area: Clarence and Hwy 10/Main Street.
Pet's Name: Coco

10 year old Yorkshire Terrier (teacup). Female. Weighs around 4 lbs. Long fur. She became frightened while we were having some renovations done in the kitchen. When we let her out for a pee, she ran away. She is normally very shy, but given her state of mind when she bolted she may go to anyone. She is my grandmother's dog and is not really socialized. She wasn't wearing a collar at the time of her disappearance.

Update: I'm happy to report that a neighbour found her this afternoon and she is safely home. Thank you for offering this kind service. Warmest regards,Amanda

Please contact us 905-xxx-xxxx



Lost Husky in Port Hope - FOUND!

Date Lost: 2010-02-13
Area: Port Hope
Pet's Name: Koko

Please help us find our husky, Koko. She is a runner and may have turned up anywhere. She was last seen in Port Hope, Ontario on February 13, 2010. She is orange in color, stocky and bushy. She was wearing a new black collar when she was lost with no tags. She is 12 years old. We miss her and would like her safely back home.

Update: I placed an ad re: LOST HUSKY IN PORT HOPE.  Well, very good news!  With the help of the wonderful firefighters of our community, Koko was rescued from a pillar fifty feet off the ground (she must have been walking on the railway tracks on a bridge overhead and fell/jumped on to the pillar).  She is very dirty and very hungry, but otherwise in good spirits.  Thank-you for your website, I wanted to pass on my good news story as reading the other stories while Koko was missing raised my spirits.  Best of luck to all!!!

Please contact us 289-xxx-xxxx



lostcat-694534.jpg (165789 bytes)

Lost Cat in Newmarket - FOUND!

Date Lost: 2010-02-21
Area: Banbrooke Cres., Newmarket
Pet's Name: Masiania

She is over 1 year old, orange with the same color of eyes. She never goes outside and went missing after our visitors left the door open, while warming up their car. Please HELP us to find our cat!!! You can contact me @ 416-xxx-xxxx - 24 hour; and 905-xxx-xxxx after 6 pm. PLEASE check your GARAGE, maybe she is hiding there.

Update: Good Morning Natasha, Thanks to your website I’ve got some tips yesterday and finally around 11pm I’ve found my cat. Many, many thanks for your help, Elena.

Please contact us 905-xxx-xxxx



lostdog-655097.jpg (69252 bytes)

Lost Dog - FOUND!

Date Lost: 2010-02-12
Area: Vandorf Sideroad - btw. Aurora & Stouffville
Pet's Name: Coco

Very friendly female Newfoundland. Unique brown & white markings. Wandered away from home.

Update: Thank You to all of our friends who rallied to help us find COCO! She is home safe and sound and we are much relieved. Your support was overwhelming and we feel so fortunate to be part of such a great community.

Please contact us 905-xxx-xxxx



Lost Maltese in Markham - FOUND!

Date Lost: 2010-02-06
Area: Hwy 7 & 9th Line Markham (Larkin & Fincham)
Pet's Name: Joey

White Male Maltese. Answers to the names Joey and JoJo. He went missing from backyard around 5:30pm on Saturday February 6th. He is about 8 lbs and skiddish around atrangers. He is microchipped and registered with 24Hr PetWatch. Please contact me or 24Hr PetWatch if you have seen him!

Update: Please delete my post as I am happy to say we found Joey safe and sound! Thanks for your help! Great site! Lindsay

Please contact us 416-xxx-xxxx



Lost Cat in Richmond Hill - FOUND!

Date Lost: 2010-01-21
Area: Yonge & Observatory, Richmond Hill
Pet's Name: Rocky

Indoor cat; Grey tabby (back is mostly grey, belly is mostly cream-coloured), yellow-green eyes, slim & long, brown paw pads and nose; left the house between 10AM - 3PM on Thurs Jan 21

Update: We found rocky! Someone called SPCA and they picked him up and got back to us. :)

Please contact us 416-xxx-xxxx



Lost Cat in Innisfil - FOUND!

Date Lost: 2009-12-30
Area: Alcona Crossroads, Innisfil
Pet's Name: Grizou

Grey Tabby with White chest and paws one year old

Update: We found our cat . It was a newspaper add that worked , but this is a great option and I will be sure to check in once in a while or  if I find a lost pet . THANK YOU! Steven

Please contact us 705-xxx-xxxx



Found Cat in Richmond Hill - OWNER'S FOUND!

Date Found: 2009-12-15
Area: Leslie St. & Major Mackenzie, Richmond Hill


Update: Could you remove my found ad from your network. I found the owner of “Lola”. She had been missing for a month. She lived on the next street over from me. They responded to an ad I placed on the community mail boxes. I love happy endings!!

Please contact us 416-xxx-xxxx



Lost Dog - Airedale (Bingley) Toronto - FOUND!

Date Lost: 2009-12-11
Area: Scarlett Road and Eglinton - Chapman
Pet's Name: Bingley

$1,000 reward being offered. Bingley was lost while on walk Friday Dec 11,th at 1:00 pm in the Scarlett Road and Eglinton Ave area. She is taged and microchiped and is wearing a red collar with full identification. She is black and tan coloured, medium build, 7 years old and fixed. She is very friendly though not great with smaller breeds. Please contact Niall Brown/Andea Heywood $1,000 reward being offered.

Update: Thank you for providing your web site. While good old name tags worked this time, knowing another avenue was out there to help track the clown of a dog down was much appreciated.

Please contact us 416-xxx-xxxx



lostdog-885094.jpg (38145 bytes)

Lost Dog in Woodbridge - FOUND!

Date Lost: 2009-11-15
Area: Weston Rd. / Langstaff - Woodbridge
Pet's Name: TJ

White Jack Russell with Brown Spots on Head. Dog Collar slipped off head, thus no identification tags.

Update: My dog TJ was found after 3 days out and about. Thanks for your services.

Please contact us 905-xxx-xxxx



lost2cat-Koko.jpg (64172 bytes)


Date Lost: 2009-09-13
Area: rural - Golden Lake/Killaloe Ont
Pet's Name: Koko

My sister Lauren and myself were there for a wedding arriving on Sept. 11/09. At 2:00 am Sun. Sept 13th my Koko got out. Some people saw her being pushed out of the lodge. Koko is 16 years old, pure black - no markings except a slight limp in her right hind side, green eyes, Persian, declawed and very frightened right now and so am I!

Update: Please remove the ad entitled : Lost 16 yr. old persian cat, (lost 2009-09-13) (KoKo) from your ad page, as we found her after a month of her being lost in the bush!!! I think we were so in shock when we got the phone call on Thanksgiving Day after a month of her lost in the bush and never having been outside and being so old, at first we were sure it was a call that she was dead and were actually so surprised that she was found!! We are thankful every day for our miracle....she would not have lasted one more day-she had lost so much weight she had no neck muscles to hold her head up and was falling over....but bounced back so quick.  I believe our love and constant prayers helped. I do appreciate your website and never told you at the time how much hope and solace we got from reading those found articles.  Thanks again!

Please contact us 905-xxx-xxxx



lost2cat-Mikki.jpg (37049 bytes)

Lost cat in South of Ajax - FOUND!

Date Lost: 2009-08-25
Area: Hewitt Cres and Pickering Beach Rd.
Pet's Name: Mikki

Lost cat 3 years old. I am white with grey markings and bright blue eyes. Lost in Ajax around Hewitt Cres and Pickering Beach rd. I need to reunite him with his mother at home. He has been missing since Tuesday August 25th. He has been missing since garbage day in our neighbourhood so he might be in someone's garage. Very beautiful cat! If found please call Robert.

Update: Hi we found are cat Mikki he was lost 2009-08-25 thank-you. Robert

Please contact us 905-xxx-xxxx



lostcat-Rocky.jpg (92928 bytes)

Lost Cat in Richmond Hill - FOUND!

Date Lost: 2009-08-20
Area: Yonge St. and Observatory Lane, north of 16th avenue, South of Weldrick Rd.
Pet's Name: Rocky

He is a grey tabby shorthair American feline; grey stripes and patterns, brown feet and nose, yellow-green eyes; has a long, relatively skinny body and a small face.

Update: Rocky was found and is safe and sound! (August 22nd, 2009)

Please contact us 905-xxx-xxxx



lostcat-Marley.jpg (78662 bytes)

Lost Cat in Keswick - FOUND!

Date Lost: 2009-07-31
Area: Sunbird Blvd and Parkview Rd 
Pet's Name: MARLEY

Our smokey black cat has gone missing since July 31, 2009. He goes by the name MARLEY (no tag) He lives in Keswick (Metro Rd. & Parkview Area) We are worried sick and his buddy Tobi misses him a lot!!!! Please help... Call: 905-xxx-xxxx (Patrick / Grace) or Cell: 416-xxx-xxxx

Update: Just a quick note to advise you that Marley has returned back home... slightly thinner and matted and hungry....Thank you for the opportunity of allowing me to advertise through your website....

Please contact us 905-xxx-xxxx



lost2cat-Shia.jpg (27371 bytes)

 Lost Cat ~ Town of Richmond/Tillsonburg/Aylmer area - FOUND!

Date Lost: 2009-06-28
Area: Culloden Road/Heritage Line/ Big Otter Creek Bayham Municipality
Pet's Name: Shai

Shai is an indoor Flamepoint Siamese that has gone outside with us a few times recently. Sunday he got out thru a screen and has not returned. He has a pink collar on with bells and red rabies tag. He may have seeked shelter in a building from the rain.

Update: I am writing to inform you that my boy found his way home! Thank you so much for offering this service. I have appreciated it

Please contact us xxx-xxx-xxxx



lostbird-Teka.jpg (120903 bytes)


Date Lost: 2009-07-19
Pet's Name: TEKA


Update: Thank You for posting the ad and I am happy to say it can be removed. Teka was found this morning not to far from the house. From what I understand she was spotted in a backyard not to far from us, when the gentleman open the door to have a closer look Teka welcomed the opportunity and flew right in his house. He called the SPCA who then contacted us. We would like to thank you again and add one more to the list for happy endings. For those who have lost a pet about the only thing you have left is hope and your web site helped us get through the hard days. THANKS AGAIN!

Please contact us at 905-xxx-xxxx



Lost Cat - FOUND!

Date Lost: 2009-07-12
Area: Holland Landing
Pet's Name: Nemo

Male, Orange tabby cat, neutered, his name is Nemo and has a dark collar with silver on it and a bell, also has a name tag with the name "Nemo" and phone number. He is microchipped.

Update: Hi, Could you please remove our lost cat "ad" as Nemo arrived back home yesterday. He was soaked and scared and very hungry, but he is recovering now! Thank goodness for websites like yours, it gives people hope when they've lost their furry family members. It's nice to know that people out there care about helping find lost animals and getting them back home safely.

Please contact us 905-xxx-xxxx



lost2cat-Isis.jpg (108374 bytes)

Lost cat in Dorval QC - FOUND!

Date Lost: 2009-07-01
Area: Bourque near Bouchard, Dorval QC
Pet's Name: Isis

Today was moving day, and one of our cats escaped. Her name is Isis. She's a tiny, shy black, semi-long-haired, fixed,cat. She's always been indoors, so she doesn't wear a collar. She's about 5 years old, but she's very small. We're terribly worried about her, and have been looking for her everywhere for a long time. A reward is offered for her return. J.L.

Update: Hello, Thanks for your support: the Lost Cat in Dorval (Isis) has been found. We are elated. Just letting you know so you can take down the listing! Thanks again, J.L. and M.

Please contact us 514-xxx-xxxx



lostcat-George2.jpg (78675 bytes)

Lost Orange Tabby Cat - FOUND!

Date Lost: 2009-06-14
Area: Zephur Rd 6th Concession
Pet's Name: George

During our return home from the cottage on Sunday, our beloved cat got sick and jumped out of the car when we stopped to check on him. George is an orange male tabby, 16 lbs, 7 years old and has no white markings. He was wearing a harness when he escaped. We have been frantically searching for him since Sunday but not having any luck!

Update: just wanted to let you know that we found our cat, George! We were truly amazed that George was found after being missing for almost 2 weeks! We printed hundreds of posters and distributed around Zephyr. Apparently someone saw the poster and recognized the cat! wonderful news!

Please contact us 416-xxx-xxxx 



Lost Cat in Markham - FOUND!

Date Lost: 2009-06-23
Area: Grand Cornell ~ 9th line/Hwy 7
Pet's Name: Hamish / Roxie

Hamish is a brown and grey striped tabby with a white muzzle, chest and front legs. He was wearing a red collar with an ID tag. He did not come come last night and remains at large.

Update: Hamish is home and VERY hungry…. Thanks so much for providing this service. It helps for peace of mind to know that you’re out there when we need you.

Please contact us 905-xxx-xxxx



Lost Cat in Newmarket - FOUND!

Date Lost: 2009-05-29
Area: Arthur Street & Muriel Street
Pet's Name: Charlie

Lost Male Orange and white kitten. Please call 905-xxx-xxxx.

Update: Thank you for running my ad. Lost cat - Charlie - May 29th, 2009. He is home safe and sound. Thanks again.

Please contact us 905-xxx-xxxx



Yellow Lab lost in Richmond Hill - FOUND!

Date Lost: 2009-06-11
Area: Yonge Street and Townwood Drive
Pet's Name: Naja

Naja (pronounced "Naya") is a 13 year old yellow labrador, about 60 pounds. She was wearing a black collar with a tag that has her name and phone number on it. She was last seen on Townwood Drive in Richmond Hill at 9pm on June 11th.

Update: Hi, I just posted a lost dog ad on your website but she is found now. Could you please remove it? Yellow Lab Lost in Richmond Hill was the title. This email address was referenced. Thanks!

Please contact us 905-xxx-xxxx



Lost Cat in Pefferlaw - FOUND!

Date Lost: 2009-05-10
Area: Woodlands Subdivision/Brook & Forestry
Pet's Name: Helen

5 yr old spayed female, domestic shorthair, tortie (black and orange) with white chest and belly. Microchipped. Declawed. She went out for her usual walk and never returned. She is rather aloof and may not come to strangers. Was wearing a collar and ID tag, but routinely manages to rid herself of them, so may be without ID. Please call or email Susan and Lawrence if you see her, or contact Georgina Vet Clinic 905-xxx-xxxx.

Update: Helen, previously thought lost in Woodlands subdivision of Pefferlaw, showed up ravenous but unharmed on the weekend.  Thanks for letting me post an ad.

Please contact us 905-xxx-xxxx 



Found Dog in Oak Ridges - FOUND!

Date Found: 2009-05-18
Area: Oak Ridges. Bloomington and Bathurst

FOUND Sheppard or Sheppard Cross? Young Female with a brown leather collar. Brown and black. Friendly.

Update: HI, The dog we found has been reunited with her owner already! Thank-you for posting the ad so quickly.

Please contact us 905-xx-xxxx 



lostdog-Louise.jpg (15010 bytes)

Lost Collie in Markham - FOUND!

Date Lost: 2009-05-17
Area: 14 TH Avenue and McCowan in Markham
Pet's Name: Louise

He is about one year old, wear a green collar, also a flea collar, white and yellow fur, lost at night.

Update: Some people returned our dog this afternoon (May 18th, 2009), please remove the ad, and thank you very much!

Please contact us 905-xxx-xxxx



Lost Dog - FOUND!

Date Lost: 2009-04-23
Area: Albion Trail off Hwy 9, West of Schomberg East of Orangeville
Pet's Name: Brinks

French Bulldog; white with brown face and tail; less than two years old. No collar. No chip. Left property at 7.00 a.m. April 23. I have only had him for a few days so he is not familiar with the area. I am hoping that with those short legs, he will not have gone too far. I can be reached on my cell at the number below or call 705-xxx-xxxx (Mother)

Update: Happily, Brinks has returned home.  Please remove the ad posted on your site for a Bulldog who went missing from Albion Trail on April 23, 2009.

Please contact us 416-xxx-xxxx



Lost Cat In Stouffville - FOUND!

Date Lost: 2009-06-06
Area: Main St. and 9th Line, Stouffville
Pet's Name: Flower

My granddaughter's 2yr old shorthair male grey tabby went missing on Tuesday Night on May 5th 2009. We miss him dearly, especially my granddaughter and if anyone has seen or has our cat please call me ASAP. We miss him so much :(

Update: Our cat has returned home yesterday... we called out his name and he ran out from the bushes to greet us! Thank you for posting our ad. Best Wishes, Linda

Please contact us 647-xxx-xxxx



Lost Dog in York Forest Hollidge Tract - FOUND!

Date Lost: 2009-03-28
Area: St.John Sideroad & Ninth Line Stouffville
Pet's Name: Julian

Male, 35 Lbs, Sheltie cross, White with brown face, black saddle. un-neutered, orange collar no tags.

Update: I found him camped out at a house on Aurora Rd near McCowan. He is now home with me!

Please contact us 416-xxx-xxxx



Lost Cat in Newmarket - FOUND!
Date Lost: 2009-04-26
: Ashton and Davis Drive
Pet's Name
: Sagwa


Update: Please remove posting...We have found her safe & sound!

Please contact us 647-xxx-xxxx



Lost Cats in Aurora - FOUND!

Date Lost: 2009-04-26
Area: Yonge Street & Mark Street area, Aurora
Pet's Name: Lady & Buddy

Two adult cats from the same Aurora home are missing. They live in the Yonge Street & Mark Street area. They went missing on Sunday April 26th. There was construction going on in the house which may have spooked them into running off. They are both outdoor cats, however never go very far from home. One is a female tortoise shell, she is a big girl, her name is "Lady". He is a bit smaller & older, black and white and he is "Buddy". Both are loved very much so it is very strange. Please let me know if more details would help or if you can give me any suggestions. I can be reached on my cell phone at 647-xxx-xxxx

UpdateHi Natasha, Thank you so much for doing this!! These poor babies thankfully came home last night...TOGETHER! If only they could talk and tell us what they did ;-) Thanks this is a great thing you do...

Please contact us 647-xxx-xxxx



Golden Retriever - Owner's FOUND!

Date Found: 2009-04-13
Area: Dufferin and Autumn Hill

Golden Retriever found in the Dufferin and Autumn Hill area. No tags.

Update:  We found the dogs owners! 

Please call xxx-xxx-xxxx



lostdog-Chloe.jpg (36300 bytes)

Stolen Bichon Frise - FOUND!

Date Lost: 2009-03-18
Area: Alma
Pet's Name: Chloe

On Wednesday March 18th our house was robbed along with our beautiful dog Chloe. Chloe is our family and we are devastated that this has happened and we need her back. Name: Chloe Breed: Bichon Frise Colour: White Gender: Female Weight: 10 lbs Chloe is microchipped. Troy & Aleasha

Update: This is the news I am sure you love to hear, and our little girl Chloe is back home safe and sound!

Please contact us 519-xxx-xxxx



lost2dog-Gracie.jpg (79409 bytes)

 Lost dog in Brampton - FOUND!

Date Lost: 2009-01-06
Area: Main St and Elgin
Pet's Name: Gracie

Gracie is a 55lb black lab cross. She's been missing since Tuesday evening when she ran off from her vacation home. Last seen on Wednesday near the Brampton GO station heading north, wearing her distinctive red bandana. She's spayed, tagged and microchipped. Please keep your eyes open for her, especially in this cold, cold weather.

Update: I have a lost dog ad on your site, for Gracie, the lab/shepherd x. Posted as lost 6 Jan 2009. I am thrilled to say you can now move this to your Happy Endings section. At 2am this morning, after 42 days on the run, she turned up outside our dog walker's house barking to be let in.

Please contact us 647-xxx-xxxx



lostdog-Kiwi.jpg (41128 bytes)

Lost Dog in Thornhill (Vaughan) - FOUND!

Date Lost: 2009-02-12
Area: Centre St and New Westminster Drive
Pet's Name: Kiwi

Female Yorkshire Terrier. Grey coat with tan face and paws. 4 Years old. Microchipped and registered as -Gaults Little Kiwi-. Very friendly, loves people, a little timid around other dogs but will approach. Licks a lot but never bites.

Update: We are very pleased to report that Kiwi has been found and is safe and sound. Please remove our listing. Thank you very much for all of your help.

Please contact us 416-xxx-xxxx



lost2cat-Yogi.jpg (34186 bytes)

Lost Cat in Waterloo - FOUND!

Date Lost: 2009-01-28
Area: Waterloo (Union and King St.)
Pet's Name: Yogi

Yogi is a 10 month old cat. He is a brown tabby, with a white spot on his chest. He is an indoor cat and hasn't been outside alone before. He got out when we were leaving the house on Wednesday 28/01 around 7.30 pm. We live on 43 Union St E, Waterloo, in the corner of Union St and Herbert (near Grand River Hospital and Sun Life). If anyone has any information on Yogi, please give us a call!! Cash reward!!

Update: I posted an ad yesterday for a missing cat but you can take down the ad now, because we found our cat last night. We are very happy that Yogi is now safe, back at home with us. Thanks for the help.

Please contact us 519-xxx-xxxx



 Lost Dog (yellow lab) in Richmond Hill  - FOUND!

Date Lost: 2009-01-04
Area: Yonge St./Townwood Dr; Richmond Hill
Pet's Name: Naya

Last seen around 6pm in front of the house (she was let out to pee). We've been searching for many, many hours. She is a friendly yellow labrador around 60 pounds. Short hair. She had a chain on her neck, no other collar. She is 13 years old and not used to be outside for so long. We are praying someone took her in overnight. Please, please call if you see her.

Update: Hi Natasha, I'm thrilled to say that someone returned our dog to us a couple of hours ago. I no longer need this ad. Thanks so much for providing this service!

Please contact us 647-xxx-xxxx



Lost Cat in Aurora - FOUND!

Date Lost: 2008-12-26
Area: Old Yonge & Closs Square
Pet's Name: Crimson

Orange male cat, 2yrs old. Light white rings on tail Has declawed front paws, fixed, all shots. No tags he is an indoor cat that accidentally got out through a door.

Update: He was returned by a neighbor shortly after i posted. Thanks Wayne  

Please contact us 416-xxx-xxxx



lostcat-Blavis.jpg (110401 bytes)

Lost cat in Vaughan - FOUND!

Date Lost: 2008-12-08
Area: Dufferin/Steeles
Pet's Name: Blavis

Beautiful Persian Silver Chinchilla (White with gray tipping) male cat with green eyes escaped home on the evening of Dec 8 right before it started to snow. We let him play on a backyard, but sometimes he escapes and always come back in the morning. Everybody who can provide any useful information will be rewarded.

Update: Please, remove my ad Lost cat in Vaughan. Thank you for your service, but my cat returned home on his own!

Please contact us 647-xxx-xxxx



lost2cat-Terry.jpg (34580 bytes)

Lost Cat in Brampton - FOUND!

Date Lost: 2008-11-15
Area: Kenndey/Sandalwood (Heartlake)
Pet's Name: Terry

10yr old male Black cat. White face and paws. Weighs about 20 lbs. No front claws. Reward offered. Went missing Saturday November 15, 2008.

Update: Can you remove this ad from your site. Our Cat has been found Thanks

Please contact us 905-xxx-xxxx



lostdog-Finnigan.gif (82634 bytes)

Lost Dog in Stouffville - FOUND!

Date Lost: 2008-11-19
Area: Warden and Vandorf
Pet's Name: Finnigan

Small white dog Finnigan is a Shihpoo (Shih Tzu-Poodle cross), last seen with green coat and collar (nametag says Finn). There is a $1000 dollar reward for Finnigan!!! Please help us find him!!!

Update: We had checked the woods behind us for hours and hours the day we lost him, and the second day. The third day we received a call at 7am sighting Finnigan on the road behind the woods. As we drove down the road frantically searching we found Finnigan in the middle with his coat almost torn off. The little guy had survived 2 nights in the coyote infested woods!  Thank you very much for your help.

Please contact us 905-xxx-xxxx



Found Cat in Richmond Hill - FOUND!

Date Lost: 2008-11-10
Area: Palmer Ave., Richmond Hill

We found a cat in Richmond Hill, on Palmer Ave. He is very friendly and has a indent around his neck like he had a collar before. He's not fixed and is dark grey and white with spots and stripes on his tail. His nose is sort of orangey. My sister has 4 cats and I have two cats and 2 parrots. The cat is out in the cold and I feel so sorry for him. Please email me with any news or what I can do.

Update: Thank You so much for helping me try to find the cats owners. A very nice lady that lost her cat is going to keep him and I'm so happy.

Please contact us 



Lost Cat in East Gwillimbury - FOUND!

Date Lost: 2008-10-30
Area: 5km outside Newmarket, at Warden Ave. and Mt. Albert Rd.
Pet's Name: Gizmo

Gizmo is a grey and white, short haired, neutered male with four white paws, white belly, white hour glass marking on his face, a white mustache, light green eyes and a pink scar on his grey nose. He was wearing a black nylon collar with a pink heart tag inscribed with his name and our phone number. He was last seen around noon on Oct 30. We've lived in the area for only a few months.

Update: Reading the happy endings about cats who came back on their own we held out hope, and after four nights, our Gizmo showed up this morning at the door. Sure wish we could know where that little guy went! Thanks

Please contact us 905-xxx-xxxx



Lost Cat in Brampton - FOUND!

Date Lost: 2008-10-28
Area: Bovaird & Mclauglin, Brampton
Pet's Name: Butterscotch

9 month old orange tabby, wearing red diamond studded collar, with bell, no ID tags, not micro chipped yet. Clawed and not neutered. Indoor cat and very sociable will answer when name called in a high pitched voice.

Update: please remove our ad. He came home tonight, the day before we move!!! thanks :)

Please contact us 416-xxx-xxxx



Lost Cat in Woodbridge - FOUND!

Date Lost: 2008-10-16
Area: Rutherford and Clarence
Pet's Name: Geni

Geni is a large, charcoal gray domestic short haired cat. She is wearing a red, studded collar and has a knick on one ear. She is 13 years old and has always been an indoor cat. Somehow she got out and we are desperately trying to find her. She is a harmless, very gentle cat.

Update: I put an add in for my lost cat Geni. Today she returned home on her own after 6 days outside!  Geni is a 13 year old indoor cat who has NEVER ventured out until until last week - needless to say we are thrilled and shocked at her return! Please update my add to the happy endings!! Thank you for the wonderful service!

Please contact us 416-xxx-xxxx



Lost Cat in Markham - FOUND!

Date Lost: 2008-09-04
Area: McCowan and Raymerville, Markham
Pet's Name: Sasha

We just lost our cat. She is such a very important part of our family. Sasha is a black large female cat that has never been outside. I have some comfort in knowing she has her claws. We are located near McCowan and Raymerville in Markham. She has only been out for we believe a night and day. Please my daughter would love to know you are helping us find her cat.

Update: Just wanted to let you know, we have found our cat Sasha from the McCowan and Raymerville area. Thank you so much for your support and kindness through such a difficult time.

Please contact us 416-xxx-xxxx



lost orange tabby Sheppard/Don Mills area - FOUND!

Date Lost: 2008-09-07
Area: Don Mills and Sheppard area
Pet's Name: Rhodri

My cat went missing last night and I'm very worried about him. He is just over a year old, and is fixed with his shots. He is an orange tabby, with white "gloves", white "boots" and a white belly, chest and chin. He has no microchip nor any ID tags since he was a permanently indoor cat. He is usually extremely affectionate and loves people.

Update: I found my cat this evening.  Thank you for having the site available for me to post on!

Please contact us 416-xxx-xxxx



Lost cat in Thornhill - FOUND!

Date Lost: 2008-08-31
Area: Bayview & 407
Pet's Name: Mel

Our little buff and orange tabby got out of the house last night and hasn't been seen since. He has escaped in the past but always come back. He was wearing a red collar with a bell and has a very long twitchy tail. He is microchipped.

Update: I posted an ad last week about our cat Mel, a buff and orange tabby. Mel is home! He just showed up at the door, very skinny and thirsty but OK. We think he must have gotten into a shed or garage. Thanks.

Please contact us 905-xxx-xxxx



Lost Cat in Newmarket - FOUND!

Date Lost: 2008-08-30
Area: Yonge & Mulock, Newmarket
Pet's Name: Pepper

Our cat Pep escaped from the house late night on August 30th. Male Neutered Cat, black long hair with white belly and paws. Indoor cat for its entire life, has only been out in the backyard. Declawed front paws. No collar, microchipped. We miss him - if you have any information, please contact us (416) xxx-xxxx.

Update: We have found our lost cat!!! Thank you for allowing us to use your service. Very Much Appreciated!

Please contact us 416-xxx-xxxx



lostcat-Brighton.jpg (69334 bytes)

Lost Tabby in Newmarket - FOUND!

Date Lost: Sunday April 13th, 2008
Area: Court St. & Gorham St., Newmarket
Pet's Name: Brighton 

I am very sad to say that Brody’s twin Brighton has gone missing from the same neighborhood. You may recall I posted Brody’s photo and missing info several months ago (see ad below). You have his picture posted still on your site. I will send along a picture of Brighton as soon as I can, but wanted to let you know, when he did not come home again this morning. 
This Sunday, April 13 between 12:30 and 3:30 p.m. as I took my son to football practice Brighton went missing. It is peculiar that it was a Sunday afternoon when Brody went missing also. I have not slept for two nights worrying. He always runs up the driveway to greet me and I knew something was terribly wrong when he did not. This is feeling a bit scary to me, as this is the second cat of mine to mysteriously go missing. Brighton refuses to keep a collar on, so he is not wearing one. All the other neighborhood cats are still wandering the area as usual. 

So I would like to post the following information: Male cat 3 years of age missing since Sunday, April 13, 2008 between 12:30 and 3:30 p.m. Brighton still has all his claws and is neutered. He is very friendly and affectionate. He is a short hair grey and brown and black striped in colour. If he is in your home please call me so he can return home safely. *SPECIAL DIETARY CONCERNS* 

REWARD for his SAFE Return!


Update: Just wanted to let you know that Brighton is home. He was locked in a neigbours garage. Thanks for posting him.

If you have seen Brighton and have taken him in please call Janis at 905-xxx-xxxx



lostdog-Ally.jpg (74913 bytes)

Lost Pom/Chihuahua in Keswick - FOUND!

Date Lost: Wednesday April 2nd, 2008
Area: Metro Road/Old Homestead Road ( Kerfoot Cres.-Keswick)
Pet's Name: Ally

We lost our dog yesterday. Her name is Ally.  She is golden/tan coloured and she is  part Pomeranian and part Chihuahua.   Ally is 8 years old and she is spayed.  She is wearing her harness with her dog license and rabies tags (as shown).  Ally is friendly, yet nervous around unfamiliar people and will most likely bark at you and be hard to catch,.  We just want her returned safely to us.  We live in the Metro Road/Old Homestead Area (Kerfoot Crescent) in Keswick.  Ally escaped when the kids were going to play outside yesterday afternoon.  Reward offered for her safe return. Thank-you.

Update: We are happy to report that we have found Ally. She was the lost POM/Chihuahua in Keswick. Thank-you for your help as your ad was well spotted from everywhere! Thanks again. Neal and Corrine 

Please call 905-xxx-xxxx



lostcat-Sam.jpg (62392 bytes)

Lost Orange Tabby in Aurora - FOUND!

Date Lost: Monday, March 24 2008 
: Aurora Heights Drive
Pet's Name: Sam 

Sam went missing Monday, March 24th around 8pm. He's an orange tabby with green eyes and is wearing a leather collar with silver spikes. He is not fixed. Sam is dearly missed.

Update: I am happy to report Sam finally came home, safe and sound!  Thank you for running my ad, hopefully all who lost their pets have their own happy endings.

Please, if found contact Alicia at 905-xxx-xxxx



lostcat-Cally.JPG (84379 bytes)

Lost Kitten in Grand Valley/Discovery Trail, Maple - FOUND!

Date Lost: Friday March 28th, 2008
Area: Grand Valley/Discovery Trail, Maple, Ontario
Pet's Name: Cally

We have lost our 8 months old kitten, Cally. She ran out Friday night, March 28, 2008 at 9:30 p.m. and hasn't come back. She is a sandy brown tabby, long and thin, very pretty girl. She looks younger than she is. She is very affectionate, friendly and will come to her name when she is called or meow back. She is mostly an indoor cat, but liked to run out for a little fresh air and come back in lately. She is spayed and microchipped but is not wearing a collar. Her sister Porsha misses her very much. Please call Laura, 416-xxx-xxxx, if you have seen her or find her. Thank you. This picture is when she was much smaller.

Update: We have found our kitten. She was only 3 blocks away with a very nice family.  Remember to put up posters, they really work!

Please call Laura, 416-xxx-xxxx



lost2dog-Boots.jpg (78993 bytes)

Lost Newfoundlander in Central Ontario - FOUND!

Date Lost: Tuesday March 11th, 2008
Area: Kamaniskeg Lake Road, between Barry's Bay & Combermere
Pet's Name: Boots

Boots is a beautiful black and white pure bred Newfoundlander dog.  He is approximately 150 lbs with a heart just as large. Boots disappeared on Tuesday, March 11th, 2008.  His home is on Kamaniskeg Lake Road which is located in central Ontario between Barry’s Bay and Combermere. Boots does not leave home for long periods of time.  It is feared that someone has taken this warm hearted dog.  

There is a $500 reward for his SAFE Return!

Update:  This is such good news!  Boots has been found.  Some lady found him wandering and thought he was lost (he was about a half kilometre from home which is almost to the neighbour's house where he often goes) and took him home. Thanks a ton for your ad. That is two pets that were on your site (my cat Winston who we found two and a half years later - saw him on the Georgina shelter ad) who have had happy endings. Thank you so much for your prompt posting of Boot's information.-LeeAnne Newmarket, Ontario

 If you have found him, or have a lead on his location, please email Cindy 



lostdog-Pepper.jpg (35589 bytes)

Lost Maltese in Woodbridge - FOUND!

Date Lost: Monday February 18th, 2008
Area: Weston Rd & Rutherford, Woodbridge
Pet's Name: Pepper

We lost our little dog today. Pepper is about 12 years old, all white male neutered Maltese. He is friendly with people that he knows, but may not like to be picked up by those that he doesn't know. we really miss him and want him back!

Please call Chris at 905-xxx-xxxx



lostdog-Roscoe.jpg (73732 bytes)

Lost Belgium Shepherd in Stouffville - FOUND!

Date Lost: Tuesday February 5th, 2008
Area: Bloomington & Ninth Line, Stouffville
Pet's Name: Roscoe

Our dog went missing at 12:30 a.m. Tuesday February 5th, 2008. Dog’s Name: Roscoe. Gender: Male (neutered). Breed: Belgium Shepherd. Age: 12. Location Missing: Bloomington & Ninth Line – Stouffville. Contact: Special Notes: No Collar, No Microchip. Very skittish and shy. Poor Hips. All your help would be appreciated. 

Update: Please be advised that Roscoe has been found a few km out in the bush behind the Stouffville Water Tower.  Some dog walkers found him all curled up in a little bed he had made and called Animal Control right away. We met the couple at the water tower and they hiked back in to show us where he was but he was gone. Looked like some snow mobilers had taken him. Animal Control called again and told me someone had him at their house in Mussleman’s Lake so we all drove there and sure enough there was poor confused Roscoe. All is well and we are happy to be reunited after so long. Thanks for your posting!! Christine

Please call 905-xxx-xxxx



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Lost Cat in Richmond Hill - FOUND!

Date Lost: Friday November 2nd, 2007
Area: Yonge & Elgin Mills, Richmond Hill
Pet's Name: Reggie

Reggie has been missing since Friday, November the 2nd, 2007. He was last seen in the Yonge & Elgin Mills area. He's a 1 year old short hair silver tabby, neutered, with no collar and no tag but has a microchiped. His legs, belly and neck are white. He's quite small and a very friendly cat. A reward is offered for anyone who brings him home safe. Thank you Manuela

Please call us at xxx-xxx-xxxx 

SAME CAT!!!!!  

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Found Cat in Maple - OWNER'S FOUND!

Date Found: December 2007
Area: Dufferin & Major Mackenzie

My roommate found a male cat n the area surrounding a golf course at Dufferin & Major Mackenzie.  We have been looking after the cat since just before the Christmas holidays but he was seen in the area going back as far as November.  We have been told that he is approximately 10 months old. He is very affectionate and gets along well with other animals.  If this sounds like a cat that has been reported lost, please contact me. 

Please call xxx-xxx-xxxx



Found Golden Retriever in Richmond Hill - OWNER'S FOUND!

Date Found: Sunday January 13th, 2007
Area: Leslie St. & Major Mackenzie

Date Found: January 13, 2008. Breed: Golden Retriever. Age: 1-2 year(s). Gender: Male. Weight: 75 lbs. Street Found: Clarendon & Kingsmount. Nearest Intersection: Leslie St & Major Mackenzie. City: Richmond Hill.  

Please email us for more info



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Lost Black Lab in Vaughan - FOUND!

Date Lost: Saturday January 12th, 2008
Area: Jane & 16th Avenue, Vaughan
Pet's Name: Lily 

Our Black Lab went missing on Saturday around lunch time.  She is female, seven years old, has a greying muzzle and her name is Lily.  She was wearing a new pink collar with no tags.  She weighs about 60 lbs and has no real distinguishing marks except a scar on her back from a recent accident. The nearest intersection is Jane and the 16th Sideroad in Vaughan.

Update: Salutations, I emailed you yesterday for help finding my black lab Lily. I am happy to report she has been found! Thanks so Much!

Please email us



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Lost Grey & White Cat in Markham - FOUND!

Date Lost: Thursday Jan 3, 2008 9pm
Area: McCowan and BurOak, Markham
Pet's Name: Bijou

Our gray and white cat escaped from our house last night.  He is a domestic medium haired cat and weights about 10lbs.  He has green eyes, all white paws and a bushy gray tail. 
Please contact me if you have seen him.  

Update: Hi, Our Bijou just came home!!! I guess he is done his "vacation" in the neighborhood. :)  Thank you for posting up our ad, and now you can take it down!  Thanks again! :)

 Please call 905-xxx-xxxx



Lost Black Cat in Woodbridge - FOUND!

Date Lost: Saturday November 24th, 2007
Area: Tall Grass Trail, Woodbridge
Pet's Name: Little Cat 

He’s all black with greenish eyes. He’s microchipped, but the phone number may not be up to date. He was accidentally let out on Saturday November 24th. He responds to his name Little cat. He’s affectionate but will likely hiss at strangers. He was lost from his home on Tall Grass Trail in Woodbridge, near the Hwy #7 and Pine Valley. 

A REWARD will be given upon his SAFE Return.

Update: Hi There Natasha, I just wanted to thank you again for caring about strangers like me, and our furry four legged friends. I have excellent news.  I walked around my neighborhood yesterday for 5 hours, and I was aggressively searching in people’s backyards and in between sheds and fences.  Actually I’m surprised no one called the police on me yesterday!  I just wanted to find Littlecat before the first really cold night of the year. I found him!!! He was under a neighbor’s deck, and although I checked that deck every night for the last 4 days, he finally let me know he was there.  It took another hour to persuade him to come out from under that deck, but he’s finally home safe and sound. 

Thank you again for this wonderful website and all the amazing advice on it! Without it I would never have been able to find him. Even if I was to never find him again, it really gave me comfort to know that I wasn’t alone in my search. I felt less guilty about him getting away, knowing that there were others just as guilt stricken, and worried as I. I got what I wished for, thank you again for this amazing site!!!

Please call me with any information Linda 416-xxx-xxxx



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Found Tabby in Markham - ADOPTED!

Date Found: Late August 2007
Area: Winston Catle Drive & Trojan Crescent

There's a stray brown tabby in our neighbourhood. I first noticed it in late August. It is very friendly and looks healthy. A few of the neighbours regularly feed it. Winston Castle drive & Trojan Cres. Area of Markham. Please call if you know this cat. 

Please call Kelly at 905-xxx-xxxx



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