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Found Cat Newmarket Yonge/Bonshaw

Date Found: 2018-07-09
Area: Newmarket Yonge/Bonshaw

Found Grey/White male cat in the middle of the street late at night. He is not chipped. He is currently at my home but I can't keep him for long. Please if you know him contact me ASAP. He is very loving and I know he is being missed.

Please contact us 416-841-7974 kasialeo@yahoo.ca



Small White Beagle

Date Found: 2018-06-20
Area: 9th Line & 14th Ave

Small white beagle-looking dog walking down Kentwood Cres & Germain Cres

Please contact us chroncept@gmail.com



Found cat in Richmondhill, Weldrick

Date Found: 2018-03-16
Area: Weldrick and Yonge

This beautiful black and white cat showed up in my sunroom this afternoon. He is covered in mud and very hungry. He is very friendly and just wants some human attention! He is beautiful and seems to be pretty healthy.

Please contact us coatescs@gmail.com



Found house cat

Date Found: 2018-02-24
Area: Newmarket (Savage Road Subdivision)

Beautiful Calico cat. Female. Possibly spade as per Vet. No collar or microchip. Very loving cat. Has claws. Uses litter etc..and looks like she had a collar at one time.

Please contact us 416-735-0168 adc51469@gmail.com



Found Dog on Bloomington - OWNER'S FOUND!

Date Found: 2018-02-26
Area: Bloomington and Kennedy

Large white male Samoyed dog. Very friendly. Was in the middle of the intersection. Seems like it has been out for a while- quite dirty. Very sweet dog!

Please contact us 905-xxx-xxxx



Italian Sheepdog **OWNER'S FOUND**

Date Found: 2018-01-23
Area: Warden & Hwy. 7, Unionville (Markham)

Yesterday I found a dog on our street looking lost! No leash & no tags. It was so sweet and already bigger than our golden! About 6-7 months old. He was a sweet & trusting boy and likes to give kisses. But no microchip!! Hated that he’d be sent to the OSPCA up in Newmarket but they said this is his best bet to be found by the owner. I picked him up just after 1 pm Tuesday, Jan. 23 on Fred Varley & Fitzgerald in Unionville. Please feel free to share. He was also pretty dirty from the wet & grimy roads. Please share this info if you know anyone in Markham who lost a big white young dog. This isn't a picture of him, but he looks a lot like the dog in the picture. UPDATE: Chatted this a.m. with a gentleman in our neighbourhood (as we both were walking our dogs) and he knew the dog I described & where it lived!!! We went together to the house and I spoke to the owner. She’s gotten in touch with the Ontario SPCA. SPCA also called me back and said she plans to pick him up today!

Please contact us B*****r@gmail.com



Found Orange and White male neutered cat near Gormley

Date Found: 2017-12-25
Area: Stouffville Rd & east of Woodbine Ave Gormley area

Friendly neutered Orange and white tabby with large white chest and kegs. Golden Green eyes. Found feeding and sheltering with feral cat colony near industrial area. He's well cared for and was easily petted and picked up and clearly is lost. I brought him home with me.

Please contact us 647-989-1223 Kitairagta@Gmail.com



Found cat in Stouffville

Date Found: 2017-11-25
Area: McCowan Road and Bethesda Road, Stouffville

Large grey tabby has been hanging around. It is either a female or a neutered male. Timid, yet friendly.

Please contact us 905-640-2698 tbkoert1986@gmail.com



Found Cat in Newmarket

Date Found: 2017-11-16
Area: London Rd & Osmond Cres. Newmarket

Appears to be a stray cat (possibly lost in neighborhood). Visits my home every evening as soon as it turns dark. Very skittish. But likes to eat! Adult size cat. Mostly white with tabby colored patches and tabby colored tail.

Please contact us 905-895-2931 lindah@getsequipment.com



Found cat in Newmarket

Date Found: 2017-11-16
Area: London Rd & Osmond Cres. Newmarket

Appears to be a stray cat. (Possibly lost in neighborhood). Visits my home every evening as son as it turns dark. Young cat. Calico coloring. Friendly...and of course hungry!

Please contact us 905-895-2931 lindah@getsequipment.com



Found cat Thornhill

Date Found: 2017-10-06
Area: Thornhill

Older black cat that is missing considerable hair on his hind end. Also has one diseased eye. Wearing black and white collar with a bell. Currently residing at the Animal Hospital of Oak Ridges.

Please contact us 905-772-4321 ahorstaff@gmail.com



Found white cat

Date Found: 2017-09-02
Area: Burling Place Newmarket

All white cat found, roaming area for last few weeks.

Please contact us 604-356-0201 Kayzee29@gmail.com



found dog in woodbridge

Date Found: 2017-09-10

golden hair, mid sized dog, very friendly found walking along Forest Dr in Woodbridge. please call 647 408 3835

Please contact us 647-408-3835 cmarinella@hotmail.com



Found in Richmond Hill

Date Found: 2017-09-04
Area: Richmond street and Trench

Small around 7lbs Shitzu and terrior ??? Female blue collar white with brown spots on back black and grey ears

Please contact us 416-417-4322 shelleynobes@rogers.com



Found puppy

Date Found: 2017-09-03
Area: LCBO in Aurora on Yonge street

Black and white

Please contact us 647-457-9207 Jocorm@rogers.com



Cat found in Richmond Hill

Date Found: 2017-08-27
Area: Bayview/major mackenzie

Extremely friendly and beautiful black and white cat Domestic long hair gorgeous White paws

Please contact us 905-737-5984 saabza@hotmail.com



Cat found on Cedar Ave

Date Found: 2017-08-15
Area: yonge and major mackenzie

Found a young...would almost call it a big kitten... cat in my vegetable garden. Grey no markings. No tags. Have never seen this one around before. It was spooked and hungry. Thought I would post this just in case.

Please contact us omolenda@gmail.com



Found cat Whitchurch-Stouffville

Date Found: 2017-07-10
Area: Musselman's Lake

Found Grey and White cat wandering yard. Very skinny and limping hind right leg. Been feeding daily but too afraid to come close.. Beautiful green/yellow eyes.

Please contact us 905-640-4914 alda.nina@rogers.com



Found dog

Date Found: 2017-08-01
Area: Newmarket

Mix coloured male dog. Well behaved and friendly.

Please contact us 905-252-7890



Found Grey Male Kitten/Cat Newmarket - FOUND!

Date Found: 2017-07-15
Area: Yonge St and Aspenwood Newmarket

Grey male kitten/cat found in the middle of the road around 10pm on July 15th 2017 on Flagstone Way Newmarket.

Please contact us OWNER'S FOUND!



Found - male Boston terrier

Date Found: 2017-07-01
Area: Yonge and Davis, Newmarket

Male Boston terrier found at London/Kingston, but he was reportedly sighted at Davis road earlier. He didn't have a collar and we're checking tomorrow to see if he's microchipped. He's black with white markings, and a little brown.

Please contact us 647-318-8784 danni.magalhaes.93@hotmail.com



Found Lost Stray Cat

Date Found: 2016-06-20
Area: Bayview & 16th Ave, Richmond Hil

Does this cat belong to you? I live in the Richmond Hill area around Bayview & 16th Ave. I believe this cat is a stray. He is male and doesn't appear to be neutered.

Please contact us 416-992-0804 jenjamv@gmail.com



Found dog in Richmond Hill

Date Found: 2017-06-18
Area: Redstone/Peninsula

White dog with tan ears, big black eyes, long hair, possible a shih tzu breed, Very quiet, scared, was running on the street and then found her in a backyard.

Please contact us 905-787-8292 arocks333@hotmail.com



Found cat Markham Brown tabby

Date Found: 2017-04-21
Area: Hwy 7 and Rodick

Sweet cat found waking on Cox Blvd.

Please contact us sabbyart@gmail.com



Found Cat in Aurora/Richmond Hill

Date Found: 2017-04-18
Area: Bloomington & Bayview

female Calico cat wearing a flea collar.

Please contact us redina_tili@yahoo.com



found orange cat keswick

Date Found: 0000-00-00
Area: high castle and old homestead

male unfixed orange tabby

Please contact us busterbrown23@rogers.com



Found Dog in Newmarket

Date Found: 2017-04-01
Area: Yonge and Bristol, Newmarket

Female Collie/Sheppard Mix- Brown Eyes- Mix Color. Found around 6pm today in Yonge/Bristol area in Newmarket. Has a collar on, but no leash.

Please contact us staceymccreadie@hotmail.com



Found cat in aurora

Date Found: 2017-01-31
Area: Bayview wellington

Medium size male not fixed orang white coloring. Striped tail fairly friendly is in our home. We want to find his owner or a new home.

Please contact us 289-879-0774 cm.rose@hotmail.com




Date Found: 2017-02-23
Area: Wellington and McDonald

Large female (I think) tabby,clawed, friendly. She's been hanging out at my back screen door all day. I fed her and she was hungry but clearly not starving. My 3 boycats have been staring at her through the screendoor for 3 hours now. If she's yours please contact me and put a collar on her or I might scoop her up and add her to my cat posse.

Please contact us 416-569-4375 expertsalespro@gmail.com



Found cat Holland Landing

Date Found: 2017-02-21
Area: Plank Rd Holland Landing

Orange tabby with green eyes. Has been around our place for about one month. We feed him so he has been coming around regularly.

Please contact us 905-806-8070 rachel.knight2@gmail.com



Found dog Markham/Cornell

Date Found: 2017-02-02
Area: Cornell,Markham

male older golden retreiver Found today in Cornell lane way. Not microchipped, male. If your dog contact 416-428-2123 & provide details.

Please contact us 416-428-2123 Oacc@live.ca



Found Dog in Thornhill woods

Date Found: 2017-01-04
Area: Thornhill woods - near Summer ridge and Thornhill woods drive

Older female Pomeranian. primarily tan colour. Was taken to a Vaughan Animal a services. Contact me for more details.

Please contact us 416-809-2765 Michka.mancini@rci.rogers.com

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