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Found huskey, North end of Markham

Date Found: 2019-03-13
Area: Warden and Elgin Mills

Grey and white husky

Please contact us 705-543-9024 adamdixon@live.ca



Found dogs in Stouffville

Date Found: 2019-04-27
Area: Bloomington and 10th line

Female black lab and male mix [possible lab/Doberman]

Please contact us bobbie72@rogers.com



Found cat in Thornhill

Date Found: 2018-12-05
Area: Dufferin and Rutherford, Thornhill

Cat (about 1 year old) found in a garage in Dufferin Hill Drive and Benjamin Hood Crescent. Not quite a kitten not yet a cat I would guess 1 year old. She is white and grey. Very clean but very skinny. She is definitely a domestic cat just lost. She loves people and to be rubbed. She has a pretty mauled up right ear.

Please contact us 647-270-4636 soko2720@mylaurier.ca



Found Dog in Vaughn

Date Found: 2018-09-26
Area: Kirby Road and Pine Valley Drive

Female, yellow lab found running west on Kirby Road about 6:15pm Wednesday, September 26th. Very friendly! She did not have a collar or or micro-chip. She is currently at Abbotsford Animal Hospital in Aurora.

Please contact us 905-727-7379 laura.vanderpluym@outlook.com



Found Cat in Keswick, Georgina

Date Found: 2018-09-01
Area: Woodbine / Riveredge / Arlington

Handsome, black, intact male cat - lots of stray white hairs on his head, bib and shoulders, but no patches of white. Friendly and talkative and will nip when too close to him. Has been around our Keswick, Georgina neighbourhood for a few months. He has shelter and food, but needs to find his family.

Please contact us 905-989-2511 janice.mckenzie58@gmail.com




Date Found: 2018-08-26
Area: Weston road and teston road

Found a husky or husky mix breed at Weston and teston! Vaughan animal services now has this dog as there were no owners in site and I think the dog may have run off.

Please contact us 647-216-4113 thedanceloft@outlook.com



Found Cat

Date Found: 2018-07-17
Area: King City - Dufferin / King

Found Beautiful and very friendly cat See pictures for description.

Please contact us Frances744@yahoo.com



Found Cat Newmarket Yonge/Bonshaw

Date Found: 2018-07-09
Area: Newmarket Yonge/Bonshaw

Found Grey/White male cat in the middle of the street late at night. He is not chipped. He is currently at my home but I can't keep him for long. Please if you know him contact me ASAP. He is very loving and I know he is being missed.

Please contact us 416-841-7974 kasialeo@yahoo.ca



Small White Beagle

Date Found: 2018-06-20
Area: 9th Line & 14th Ave

Small white beagle-looking dog walking down Kentwood Cres & Germain Cres

Please contact us chroncept@gmail.com



Found cat in Richmondhill, Weldrick

Date Found: 2018-03-16
Area: Weldrick and Yonge

This beautiful black and white cat showed up in my sunroom this afternoon. He is covered in mud and very hungry. He is very friendly and just wants some human attention! He is beautiful and seems to be pretty healthy.

Please contact us coatescs@gmail.com



Found house cat

Date Found: 2018-02-24
Area: Newmarket (Savage Road Subdivision)

Beautiful Calico cat. Female. Possibly spade as per Vet. No collar or microchip. Very loving cat. Has claws. Uses litter etc..and looks like she had a collar at one time.

Please contact us 416-735-0168 adc51469@gmail.com



Found Dog on Bloomington - OWNER'S FOUND!

Date Found: 2018-02-26
Area: Bloomington and Kennedy

Large white male Samoyed dog. Very friendly. Was in the middle of the intersection. Seems like it has been out for a while- quite dirty. Very sweet dog!

Please contact us 905-xxx-xxxx



Italian Sheepdog **OWNER'S FOUND**

Date Found: 2018-01-23
Area: Warden & Hwy. 7, Unionville (Markham)

Yesterday I found a dog on our street looking lost! No leash & no tags. It was so sweet and already bigger than our golden! About 6-7 months old. He was a sweet & trusting boy and likes to give kisses. But no microchip!! Hated that he’d be sent to the OSPCA up in Newmarket but they said this is his best bet to be found by the owner. I picked him up just after 1 pm Tuesday, Jan. 23 on Fred Varley & Fitzgerald in Unionville. Please feel free to share. He was also pretty dirty from the wet & grimy roads. Please share this info if you know anyone in Markham who lost a big white young dog. This isn't a picture of him, but he looks a lot like the dog in the picture. UPDATE: Chatted this a.m. with a gentleman in our neighbourhood (as we both were walking our dogs) and he knew the dog I described & where it lived!!! We went together to the house and I spoke to the owner. She’s gotten in touch with the Ontario SPCA. SPCA also called me back and said she plans to pick him up today!

Please contact us B*****r@gmail.com

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